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  1. I'm talking communication. Something anyone who's been following Cube World for as long as I have would know is sorely lacking in that camp. One, two or 50 people.

    Cube World came out as Alpha less than a month ago, and is worked on by a team of two people.Perhaps wait until it's finished before making comparisons between the fully released still updating DS, and the, we just came out and are no-where near beta let alone final release CW ;)Update works great for me!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! Constantly updating the game and having it be both meaningful and stable is not a small feat. I'm constantly impressed at the team. We'll get the bugs out as soon as we can.

    You guys continue to impress. I've hung around other 'indy' games and they're not even in the same ball park as you guys (I'm looking at you, Cube World).

    I get a little testy myself and I've just got a bunch of mods to take care of. You guys have all my respect.

    Oh, no steam update here... :(

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  3. I dare say, having a graceful way to deal with outdated mods should have been first on the list. Probably 80% of Don't Starvians are going to crash when they update and not know what to do about it... Something like disabling all mods that cause trouble, then going ahead and loading the game.

    If the game won't start for you:

    This is likely caused by a bad mod which is preventing the game from launching. I'm working on a proper fix, but in the meantime you can get the game to launch by resetting your mods.

    The easiest way to do this is to just clean out your mods folder for the game. Copy all the mods to somewhere else on your computer, and then delete everything in the mods folder. :)

    If the game still doesn't run after doing this, then it's a different issue, please go through the regular bug reporting process to provide us with the necessary details. Thanks!

  4. Hmmm, not working. It reads up to the listen event, but then nothing. (I get prints outs up to that point)Also, if I throw in 'inst.AnimState:Show("HEAD")' up front, Wolfgang's head shows on load, but as soon as I switch hats, it vanishes...

    AddSimPostInit(function(inst)print "about to enter 'head' sim post init..."	if inst.prefab == "wolfgang" then	inst.AnimState:Show("HEAD") 	print "now IN 'head' sim post init..."		inst:ListenForEvent("equipped", function(inst, data)					if data.slot == GLOBAL.EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD then			print "now IN GLOBAL.EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD check..."				inst.AnimState:Show("HEAD")				print "head should be showing"			end		end)	endend)

    Try this:

    AddSimPostInit(function(inst)	if inst.prefab == "wolfgang" then		inst:ListenForEvent("equipped", function(inst, data)			if data.slot == GLOBAL.EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD then				inst.AnimState:Show("HEAD")			end		end)	endend)
    I'm assuming you're still overriding the standard wolfgang prefab in your wolfgang classic mod. If not, change the name of the prefab accordingly.

  5. If you haven't yet, check out your log.txt file. It almost always points you to the trouble spot from a crash.

    Jeez, just now want to update my character mods, I just start Don't starve and it instantly kick me out, then I download samplecharacter mod and see what is different, the bigportraits is the problem, I got it, start the game, and it works.Then I enable my character item mods, and it just kick me again, I just can't see / know what is error but I think it just the .tex again but what, then I download sample prefab, and I just don't know what is changed. Is there anybody already done this?

  6. Worked like a charm. Thanks again!

    No problem. Replacing TheInput:GetMouseWorldPos() by TheInput:GetWorldPosition() really should be all you need, since TheInput:GetWorldPosition() works just like TheInput:GetMouseWorldPos() used to. And, in fact, that's what the new DebugSpawn() does!

    One other thing that is now broke is 'Freebuild'.This no longer works and I have no clue what's changed with the new tech tree here either...
    function Freebuild()	local inst = GetPlayer()		if inst then		if inst.components.builder.freebuildmode then			inst.components.builder.freebuildmode = false		else			inst.components.builder.freebuildmode = true		end		inst:PushEvent("techlevelchange")	endend

  7. No longer exists? Just like that? Sheesh.Thanks for looking into this [MENTION=44092]simplex[/MENTION]. Gives me a place to start!

    TheInput:GetMouseWorldPos() no longer exists. Replacing it by TheInput:GetWorldPosition() should do it.---edit---Actually, TheInput:GetWorldPosition():Get() will give you the same as TheSim:GetPosition(), so you may prefer the latter (or not).---edit 2---I'm guessing this change was made so that naming conventions would fit conceptually with the PS4. Although I think TheInput:GetWorldPosition() should've been aliased to the old TheInput:GetMouseWorldPos() to preserve compatibility with older code, especially since that would've required a single line of code.

  8. Try this:

    AddSimPostInit(function(inst)	if inst.prefab == "wolfgang" then		inst:ListenForEvent("equipped", function(inst, data)			if data.slot == GLOBAL.EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD then				inst.AnimState:Show("HEAD")			end		end)	endend)
    I'm assuming you're still overriding the standard wolfgang prefab in your wolfgang classic mod. If not, change the name of the prefab accordingly.
    ooooo, thanks. I'll give it a go!

  9. [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION], in Test Tools, GetMouseWordPos now crashes the game. (used to spawn entities and objects with GetMouseWordPos).Test Tools >> commands.lua:55 - inst.Transform:SetPosition(TheInput:GetMouseWorldPos():Get())Here's the error from log:

    ..._starve/data/../mods/Test Tools/scripts/commands.lua:55: attempt to call method 'GetMouseWorldPos' (a nil value)LUA ERROR stack traceback:        C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/../mods/Test Tools/scripts/commands.lua(55,1) in function 'Spawn'        C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/../mods/Test Tools/scripts/components/testtoolcontroller.lua(126,1) in function 'fn'        C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/events.lua(46,1) in function 'HandleEvent'        C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/input.lua(96,1) in function 'OnKey'        C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/input.lua(223,1)C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/frontend.lua(257,1)	SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen
    Something must have changed with 'GetMouseWorldPos' because Spawn(self.entityPrefab) still works with the other commands (inventory, food, etc)

  10. Ok, on Wolfgang Classic, I've had to include the whole damn hats.lua file because I can't get this ONE line to work from the modmain:Hats.lua:

    if owner:HasTag("player") then--owner.AnimState:Hide("HEAD") -- this keeps his head from dissappearing when wearing hatsend
    What I'd LIKE to do:Modmain (with or without the 'if' statement):
    function show_Head(inst)if owner:HasTag("player") thenowner.AnimState:Show("HEAD")endend---------------AddPrefabPostInit("hats", show_Head)
    Of course the simplest approach won't work for me.I think it's another case of, hats.lua is loaded on start, then the modmain, but the modmain won't be effective if hats are swapped after load...

  11. Some folks are like that. My wife can't bare watching the same movie twice, no matter how good it is. (here comes a Minecraft reference!). In Minecraft, you had incredible mods that actually changed the world (build craft and aether come to mind) to keep things interesting, though I lost count how many worlds I started from scratch just because it was... fun...

  12. EDIT: RELICS! This is a "multitool". The game files hint that it is a dual pickaxe/axe.

    Posted Image

    HA! I did it first! (OPcane) Interesting note: I worked long and hard to get a tool to do TWO things, but you couldn't asign two uses. Then, after an update somewhere along the way, it started working. Makes sense now. klei wanted to do the same thing. *victory dance*

  13. I saw a bit on Klei employees and they generally don't work overtime nor weekends, so us sitting here late Friday through late Sunday trying to figure out mod problems must be patient for their return on Monday.Much like when I get off work on Friday: I don't even think about it until I have to go back in on Monday...

    [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION]Could you tell me please how to detect ground/floor? like find entity around object but this is groundI will try to make multiplayer mod data sync with detect ground and floor ^^

  14. Yeah, that might be a way to do, I'll check it out, thanks,

    The way I would do it would be to create an atlas (maybe using inventoryimages as a lazy base) which has thumbnails of each prefab on it. Reference that image by prefabname.So for instance,

    TTThumbs = Set {"sapling","spiderden","spiderden2","spiderden3",} -- etc.--...if TTThumbs["prefabname"] then     element:SetImage("images/TTThumbs.xml", "TTT_"..prefabname..".tex")else    element:SetImage("images/TTThumbs.xml", "TTT_unknown.tex")end
    Then you can have a partial list, any thumbnail not defined will show some default unknown texture. Not really a simple process by any means, but not impossible.

  15. There's just enough variation in the prefabs that I don't think you're going to find a one-size-fits-all answer, and I'm fairly certain there's no way to "inspect" what anims a prefab has running on it. Sorry. :\I'd love to be proven wrong though!

    Hmm, let's see... if I extract the Bank image out of all 148 ANIM entity and object files, name the extracted .tex files the same as the prefabs and included them with Test Tools, I can show them with the same 5 lines of code... THAT'S THE TICKET!

  16. [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION], just brainstorming here. For my thumbnail preview in Test Tools, I can get Objects and Entitys to show using this (when the .lua name matches the Bank and Build names):


    Asset("ANIM", "data/anim/sapling.zip"),



    return Prefab( "forest/objects/sapling", fn, assets, prefabs)

    require("uianim")local my_anim = self:AddChild(UIAnim(data))my_anim:GetAnimState():SetBank(data)my_anim:GetAnimState():SetBuild(data)my_anim:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("idle")my_anim:SetPosition(500,-75,0)
    But not for these types references:


    Asset("ANIM", "data/anim/spider_cocoon.zip"),



    Prefab( "forest/monsters/spiderden", MakeSpiderDenFn(1), assets, prefabs )

    ..because spawning the Entity or Object (from Test Tools in this case) uses the .lua file name that doesn't aways match the ANIM bank and build names.

    Can you (or anyone) think of a way to search the .lua file, and find the Bank and Build names so I could then use that data to show the Bank frame for a preview? Kind of like a 'Get(data):SetBank (data being the lua file).

    If it's not possible, I can move on to other things, but if it is, It would be the icing on the cake.