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  1. OK, boys and gals, it bothered me that with infinite food, you couldn't use a fridge, so I made the fridge a storage container. Woot! Let me know if you find any issues.
  2. I can't reproduce this. Are you sure you have the latest version of the mod? Can you post your log.txt file here after a crash? It's here: "C:\Users\** yourID **\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt"
  3. You're missing the slot images. Make very sure you don't have any other slot mods loaded besides this one and double check the contents of: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods\AmuletSlot\imagesYou should have newslots.tex and newslots.xml Also, make sure of the spelling and capitalization of the mod directory: AmuletSlot Then perhaps shut the game all the way down and restart.
  4. Had some time, so I put together an Amulet version. Enjoy!
  5. Sorry, most everyone is on Nightmares now with the stragglers on Hunger. Hunger will be pulled next update... Can I ask why you're still on such an old version of the game?
  6. Ran this about 50 times while writing and testing it. Not one crash. Did you see a specific error on the crash screen?
  7. Just tested with Maxwell and works as expected. Any other mods running? Maybe grab the latest version of the mod just to check...
  8. Really appreciate the work there @realitymeltdown. Shame we have to re-invent the Klei-wheel though...
  9. Ok, fixed white border and also the crash when you use the map (the game changed the name of the map chest .png file from treasurechest.png to treasure_chest.png.. go figure. @swyrl, my suggesting with these chest and other interface mods is to change your HUD size from 10 to 5 (Options > Settings). Everything fits as it should (to a point - extra small windows can't be helped).
  10. @afro1967, Please combine these into one download page. (add the other house with light to this page). Very charming, by the way!
  11. Make sure Camp Res loads AFTER RPG HUD (and Backpack/Amulet) mods by putting a priority = 1 in Camp Res modinfo file and a priority = 2 in RPG HUD (and Backpack/Amulet)
  12. v 1.1 Updated Console Commands (hit the ` key): (thanks to chromiumboy)
  13. @renaxakai, after looking at your log.txt it seems there are other issues going on. Do you get the crash with all your mods disabled? Where are you/what are you doing when it crashes?
  14. That's the part that keeps breaking with each update. (also my favorite part) At this point it would damn near take a rewrite from the dev team to get working and if the past is any indication, it will break AGAIN next update. I wanted at least this part still up and running in the mean time.
  15. Ok, just uploaded Nightmare version of BackPack only. Enjoy!
  16. The usual questions apply: Is this the only mod you have enabled? Have you run it only by itself? What version of the game are you running? (Hunger or Nightmare) Are you using the correct version of the mod? Can you post the contents of your log.txt file? (it will be here: C:\Users\**yourID**\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve)
  17. Version 1.2


    Shortcut keys from Test Tools. Please report any issues~! With the sinking of the titanic Test Tools, I thought I'd salvage the usable parts. Working Short Cuts: Ctrl + F = Free Crafting Ctrl + R = Speed Boost Ctrl + G = God Mode Ctrl + V = Time Scale Ctrl + I = Toggles Rain Shift + G = Next Phase Shift + F = Next Day Ctrl + Z = Next Season Shift + P = Delete Under Mouse CTRL + SHIFT + Left Mouse Button = Teleport CTRL + Right Mouse Button = Make Bookmark Shift + Right Mouse Button = Teleport to Bookmark Alt + R = Reveal Map Alt + T = Hide Map Updated Console Commands (hit the ` key): (thanks to chromiumboy) Example: Spawn ("log", 10) - puts 10 logs on the ground Give ("log", 5) - puts 5 logs in your inventory Note: Map hiding requires saving to the main menu and reloading the same game.
  18. Crashes appear to be fixed in the Nightmares release to come.
  19. @oal25, I've just fired up Infinite Foods and seeds and dropped meats do not rot. Maybe you have some other mods that are causing a conflict?
  20. tehMiscellanies takes care of armor (and other things)
  21. Version 1.1


    Wolfgang Classic is for those that like the old Wolfgang. Note: The game will need to be restarted after running once with this mod enabled. (Wolfgang's skins are funny that way.
  22. Version .


    Things now pick without the slow pick animation. Sounds small, but once you try it, you can't go back! Install: Double-click downloaded ZIP file and DRAG enclosed directory into your dontstarve/mods directory. Start game and enable mod on the mods screen.