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  1. Well, judging from what I see over on the Steam Workshop, we can expect a flood of Character mod submissions. (and that's not necessarily a good thing, if we're talking quality).
  2. Initial upload had invisible graphix (wrong conversion). Should be ok now.
  3. Version 2.7


    Description: This mod actually adds more playable content to the game! You gather supplies to make the Jack-O-Lantern rod (survival recipe tab). Then, you can go searching for skeletons. The Jack-O-Lantern Rod works like the divining rod and makes a 'ping' noise that gets louder and redder the closer you get to a skeleton. THEN, take your pick and dig them bones. Tracks: Skeletons Hound bones Graves Gravestones and maybe some other stuff I forgot... For MORE fun, start your worlds with max 'boons'! Possible loot when mining Skeletons, hounds bones, graves and gravestones: * ash * wetgoop * beardhair * redgem * bluegem * walrus_tusk * goldnugget * krampus_sack (VERY small chance) * poop * walrushat (small chance) * spoiled_food ..maybe a chance of spawning a ghost?
  4. Just wondering why OP has the notice in his thread title. Don't really care one way or the other, just curious...
  5. That's what I was referring to. You can't trademark the name or character since it's already owned by Marvel.
  6. What's with the Deadpoolâ„¢ thing? You want to trademark a character but have someone else build it? (just curious)
  7. And don't forget, first impressions last and this flood of copy/paste character mods with 3rd grade art is what you first see when you go to the workshop. This isn't the fault of the guys who throw together these mods in 10 minutes, but the way the workshop is set up. It brings the whole 'perceived' level of quality down for the whole community. I think Klei has very little (if any) control over how the workshop works, so we may just be stuck with everything being tossed into the same pit and filter accordingly.
  8. The game doesn't use modsettings any more for enabling modes. Hasn't for a good while. You download the mod, put it in the correct place, and enable it on the mod loading screen. What version of the game are you on? (hit backspace with game running and it will be in the lower left corner of the game window)
  9. I had this spawning problem with Test Tools at one point. It was some 'remove/hide' code, I believe, that didn't actually remove the item, just stowed it close to off screen. Had to actually kill it. Don't remember how though. That was a few revisions ago...
  10. Have you gone in and run the updater manually? Might take a few times for it to stick. It's in the updater directory under your dontstarve install. Usually in a number 18 directory. updater.exe. You can run it several times if need be.
  11. All, kiopho has been out of town with no word on his return. This looks to be a lot of work to upgrade to 'Moderatly Friendly', so it may be awhile. (A LOT has to be reworked).
  12. You think it's bad here, you should look at the Steam Workshop. Some of the most pathetic crap I've ever seen. I've brought the idea of mod reviews before, but it didn't go over too well...
  13. Keep it civil folks. I'll keep my personal opinion of 'bronies' out of this, but suffice it to say this is nothing to get heated over. Either make a better one or get over it.
  14. @kiopho, I really think you should request the other dude take down your mod, he's not doing anyone a service here but to confuse the issue and take credit for something you did. Plain and simple. Another issue comes next Tuesday when the new update to DS drops and this guy starts trying to update YOUR mod. I've complained until I'm blue in the face, but it's up to you to take ownership back. Just letting it sit over there is not a good thing. I would at least have one of the mods here upload your mod so you know it's in safe hands until you get back.
  15. From what I'm seeing so far, this mod could be the first DLC we see. Great job y'all!
  16. It's a small, not very 'deep' mod and perhaps is should be rolled into something else, but I throw it out there for who wants it.
  17. Version xx


    By request, Infinite Armor Well, nearly infinite. Armor will survive about 5 days of non-stop hound attacks and drop only about 1-2%. Lends a little interest, eh? Also negates speed hit from Marble armor and hunger hit from Slurper armor
  18. Good video. Straight and to the point. You could make this a bit more generic and it would apply to ALL mods on this site. Also, you should mention to delete the existing mod directory first. Trouble ensues when old files are left around that are not meant to be used by the new mod version...