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  1. I`m slowly pissed, having so much trouble with the game.

    4 days ago, I lost my game thanks to a bug.

    (I entered a cave, but then droped into it without my items and without the changes to do anything or to move, so I just died, respawned in my 5 meat effigy, automaticlly died, respawned, died and so on, until all 5 meat effigy were used and then the game was over ... after hours of playing and collecting)

    Yesterday the new update came so I started a new game, reach day 7 and the game quits itself for now reason.

    (this window showed up http://www.abload.de/img/dsi8sw8.jpg )

    For the record, I´m not using mods, cheats or anything - just the normal game.

    It´s just making me sad, spending hours of gaming to start again for no reason.

    Please, please, please take care about the bug-fixing, it´s not funny anymore.


    That would be tough.  For a game that deletes your save game on death, there better be NO bugs in the system.  It was quite early on I started making backups for (what I deemed) unfair deaths, so I didn't lose a weeks work for something stupid.

  2. Would be neat if there was an adventure level that required the caves and ruins.

    I've mentioned this a half dozen times.  Have all the pieces of the portal scattered throughout cave levels with the last piece and portal being in the final cave level (yes, and lava level too).  You'd need the special cave drops (like more powerful weapons and armor) to get through the harder mods encountered the further down you go.  Now, that would get me down in the caves.


    Right now, caves are optional and not much reason (IMO) to even go down there.

  3. hm, if only the modders would get the help of some of the great artists on this forum, that could really produce some worthwhile content. Good ideas must be out there somewhere but without any artistic talent it would be hard to produce anything out of your thoughts like artists do.

    Ideas are a dime a dozen.  As it is, it takes a whole team to get a decent mod built, and I don't see this changing anytime soon.  And, there seems to only be about one or two programmers capable of making anything beyond a tweak to existing mechanics.


    I think the comparison to MineCraft modding is inevitable.  Will modding for DS have the longevity that MC does?  That may have a lot to do with whether we see 'big boy' mods or not.  Things along the lines of BuildCraft and Aether for MC that actually give you new things to do and new reasons to do them, not just a myriad of new stick-figure copy/paste characters.

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  4. I already got that it's easy to start off with them. Doesn't change the fact that they're bad.



    I meant "clogged" as they are the majority of mods when you first go into the workshop. Wasn't aware of the filter though.

    But still, the thing is the same. Justifying yourselves won't make those mods magically better. I'm sorry you view a request as "begging".

    And don't forget, first impressions last and this flood of copy/paste character mods with 3rd grade art is what you first see when you go to the workshop.  This isn't the fault of the guys who throw together these mods in 10 minutes, but the way the workshop is set up.  It brings the whole 'perceived' level of quality down for the whole community.


    I think Klei has very little (if any) control over how the workshop works, so we may just be stuck with everything being tossed into the same pit and filter accordingly.


    Can't seem to get the update it goes up to a certain point then goes

     C:\Users\Levi-kun\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\UpdaterCache\data\anim\smallbird_basic.zip failed hash validation even after upater

    File "<string>", line 1242, in <module>
    File "C:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Windows_StandAlone_HumbleDeploy\workspace\source\tools\Updater\build\updater\out00-PYZ.pyz\wx._core", line 8010, in MainLoop
    File "C:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Windows_StandAlone_HumbleDeploy\workspace\source\tools\Updater\build\updater\out00-PYZ.pyz\wx._core", line 7306, in MainLoop
    File "<string>", line 691, in OnUpdateComplete
    File "<string>", line 788, in ShowError
    FileHashChecker( C:\Users\Levi-kun\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\UpdaterCache\data\anim\smallbird_basic.zip ): File is not a zip file
    I got the standalone version on my desktop 
    so if know what im doing wrong let me know


    Have you gone in and run the updater manually?  Might take a few times for it to stick.


    It's in the updater directory under your dontstarve install.  Usually in a number 18 directory.  updater.exe.  You can run it several times if need be.

  6. Hey guys, I was thinking lately, WHY IS THERE BILLIONS OF CHARA MODS! Sure, there easy from a coding standpoint but the art is hard, I really think the artists should join Up and Away or something to put there skills to good use. By the way, I'm not saying I hate custom characters, Wren the Stormcaller is original and Octodad is well, Octodad! I just feel there should a lot more mods that add items or biomes, or dimensions! Up and Away and my mod More Items! I feel accomplishes this. Thanks for your time.




    You think it's bad here, you should look at the Steam Workshop.  Some of the most pathetic crap I've ever seen.  


    I've brought the idea of mod reviews before, but it didn't go over too well...

  7. Good video.  Straight and to the point.  You could make this a bit more generic and it would apply to ALL mods on this site.  Also, you should mention to delete the existing mod directory first.  Trouble ensues when old files are left around that are not meant to be used by the new mod version...