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  1. Might be that (if English isn't your first language) you don't consider 'retarded' offensive, but trust us, it is... And with TheReveredOne, you've become even more 'special'.
  2. If this isn't working for anyone, it's one of a very few problems. I've just run it on the newest preview and it works perfectly, so you have something messed up on your end: Check these things and report back here: You have the latest version of the game.You have the latest version of the mod.You have the mod installed under your Don't Starve install directory in /mods.There is no double mod directory (i.e. /CJBMods_TMI/CJBMods_TMI)
  3. Trust me. Don't invest any effort into DS on Chrome. It will only bring headache. You can shoe-horn your game saves in and out, but it's beyond the average Joe's ability. BUT.. if you must >>
  4. You get no support with a cracked version of the game. Plain and simple. It's cheap enough for such a great game so save up your lunch money and do the right thing.
  5. Can I ask why anyone would even want to use a 360 controller when they have a perfectly good keyboard and mouse? I, too, have a 360 controller but playing a game like DS with it is like playing with your feet. Game machines are a different story, but using a game controller on a PC just adds needless complexity.
  6. Please don't 'bump' unless you have something to add to the conversation. If the thread's gonna die, it's gonna die.
  7. Who's complaining? (I assume you mean me since you quoted me) Besides, what I consider an unfair death may not be a bug at all, but a game design I don't agree with. And my solution is to backup my saves so I don't have to come here and complain. Good detailed post though. I thought of putting the save game info in my sig, I answered it enough, and even had it in several stickies.
  8. Not to be a smart-ass, but probably because Linux is about .5% of the user base, so they're probably down the list a bit...
  9. @Cyanogen101, if you're on Steam, you'll get the update first. Standalone usually takes several days longer. Just hang in there.
  10. That would be tough. For a game that deletes your save game on death, there better be NO bugs in the system. It was quite early on I started making backups for (what I deemed) unfair deaths, so I didn't lose a weeks work for something stupid.
  11. I've mentioned this a half dozen times. Have all the pieces of the portal scattered throughout cave levels with the last piece and portal being in the final cave level (yes, and lava level too). You'd need the special cave drops (like more powerful weapons and armor) to get through the harder mods encountered the further down you go. Now, that would get me down in the caves. Right now, caves are optional and not much reason (IMO) to even go down there.
  12. Ideas are a dime a dozen. As it is, it takes a whole team to get a decent mod built, and I don't see this changing anytime soon. And, there seems to only be about one or two programmers capable of making anything beyond a tweak to existing mechanics. I think the comparison to MineCraft modding is inevitable. Will modding for DS have the longevity that MC does? That may have a lot to do with whether we see 'big boy' mods or not. Things along the lines of BuildCraft and Aether for MC that actually give you new things to do and new reasons to do them, not just a myriad of new stick-figure copy/paste characters.
  13. Stand alone is always several days late. Seems they have to run the build through other 'finicky' servers.
  14. Can you post what the error screen said on crash? Also, you can post about the last page of info from your log file.txt: "C:\Users\**yourID**\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt"
  15. Could be a great showcase if we don't get the usual stick-figure crayola-crayon toons someone threw together in 10 minutes. Adjusted the levels on this little cutie so it wasn't so dark: