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  1. Just checking in my starvelings!

    1. minespatch


      You okay man?


  2. Thanks for keeping this current mate!
  3. Options are never bad. That's one of the great things about Don't Starve (and Factorio) in that they let you set up the game you want to play. Want a hard-core death simulator? Don't Starve gives you that 'option'. Want a more casual fun time? You get that too. You don't want ONI to just be for the hard-core players. You want options that appeal to all players. /soapbox
  4. Steam will keep it updated. You'll see the build number at the bottom of your screen. It will either auto-update or update when you launch it.
  5. Sweet! I'm still waiting on the patch that makes it so I don't suck so bad.
  6. Well, that's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Too bad he died later in a pool of his own vomit, heheh.
  7. Thanks mate! For future reference, had a 'sweep' tag hanging off one of my dudes all afternoon (don't know if it warrants a bug report):
  8. Tone please. I'm sure Shaggy just wants to help.
  9. You know what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
  10. Wondering what the mod API will be. May have to dust off my mad mod skills, lol.
  11. I agree about Fallout Shelter and especially Rimworld. I want to like Rimworld, but damn that game is the most punishing game I've ever played. And every. single. game. I play ends in mass murder carried out by either 1.) a rabid squirrel, or 2.) a rabid deer. I've got maybe a hundred hours in that game and they weren't fun hours... Really looking forward to ONI. The playstyle is right up my alley, the art style is typical Klei and the characters are adorable.
  12. Sweet Jeebus, I've been away too long and look what Klei done gone and do!
  13. Wow, most of tehMug's stuff rolled into one. Bravo! Just change api_version = 4 to 6 in modinfo.lua and post back here if there are any problems.
  14. Works great here. Thanks for this, Simplex. I was just digging into bobbyblade's CampRes to update it again and saw your version. Much better!
  15. Version xx


    This is just a basic 'tweak' mod that makes the life of a 'casual' player a whole lot more enjoyable: From making dogs and spiders not hurt so much, to campfires burn brighter, to trees chopping quicker, to winter not being quite so freezing, so walls being a bit stronger, to worm holes not making you quite so crazy. Oh, and you can also burn the following items: stinger gears axe flowerhat boomerang cutstone diviningrod feather_crow feather_robin feather_robin_winter petals_evil hammer pickaxe shovel backpack nitre trinket_1 trinket_2 trinket_3 trinket_4 spear tentaclespike torch trap trap_teeth turf_grass flint Enjoy!
  16. I've 'adopted' this mod to keep it current until @zkm2erjfdb returns...