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  1. I know, and i'm Trying speak english here, but, sometime is very difficult for me.. unsterstand me!
  2. a este maricon como que le cuesta responder una simple pregunta y lo unico que hace es llamarme troll.. si no tienes nada positivo que responder y si no quieres ni puedes responderme mi preguntas y no estas aqui para ayudar entonces no respondas ni hagas nada homosexual!
  3. sorry man, my languague is spanish and i use a traslator for write here.. I can't read the forum because I can't read in inglish, just wanted a answer
  4. can someone tell me if the update insanity is available? this's playable in this moment?
  5. hey people, the update is available now? i'm waiting for it but i dont know if the update is available!
  6. what time have dont starve's server? i wanna know when is the update