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  1. Bees came to my rescue, you can't really see it but there's like 15 reg and 2 killer bees swarming it. Killed 4 hounds who crashed the party as well. And Victory is Mine!
  2. Taffy = 3 Honey + 1 Filler (usually berries or twigs for me)
  3. I think that was just him trolling us but i could be wrong.And I was wrong apparently
  4. I think they just fixed that. Or was it happening before the update?
  5. Sometimes when you chop down a small tree(not a dead one) an invisible stump will remain. I've had this problem when trying to place structures and it was blocking them but figured out you can use spacebar with the shovel and get a log from the invisible stump.
  6. Cocky Wolfgang. I don't think he is smart enough to entirely grasp the situation and how dire it is. Just running around the fire in a circle while kiting a tree-guard and planting pine cones. O ya and I hear hounds how great is that. Laugh it up bud, thats why we love you.
  7. Beardlings. Rabbits change into beardlings when ur sanity dips below 35. Acts like a rabbit but drops beard hair nightmare fuel and monster meat. not sure on the drop rates but beard hair seems to be low.
  8. Day four, then the tentacles got me when i was sprinting through the swamp at night searching for food. Not recommended.
  9. During the live stream there were 2 crashes and it seemed like there was a lot of work to do, not to mention the forum crashing. Just a guess but i would say it will be up at 2:00pm Pst