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  1. Keep it classy, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you shouldn't slam people (or games) regardless their opinion. My point was that they are 3 completely different games and they each have their own appeal. I'm not here to argue that any of them are better than each other, just trying to keep the insulting to a minimum.
  2. Let's not get into stereotyping gamers like that. I play COD, Minecraft, and Don't Starve. I view them as completely different games, and just because someone plays COD does not mean they have no creativity.But I do agree that people try to inject elements of Minecraft into their suggestions for this game and I hope the dev's can keep it all straight
  3. Wouldn't this be awesome if this was a major troll by Kevin and he is trying to give us hints/answers to the winter/insanity puzzles
  4. Fight on Devs, fight on. As a programmer myself I appreciate the constant struggle to find the best outcome (tweaks, releasing new updates, etc).As for this update, I love how now there is little to no "comfort zone" where you feel like you are safe, there is a constant need to feel safe that is hardly ever satisfied. Also, instead of feeling completely dominant over the environment, I now feel I must engage in battles with worthy opponents and its more like survival of the fittest (eg trying to get silk from spiders, meat from beefalos).
  5. Why did you post this in two different threads? Also, please improve your typing? (I'd say grammar but its definitely not just that)
  6. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, but calm down. You bought a game in BETA, things are going to change and not everyone is going to like all of them. Use the new research system as motivation to not die, you don't have to research things over in if you get a new world using the teleportato.On topic, beardlings are awesome!
  7. I can't find the post but I remember them saying a long time ago that they were thinking about unlocking characters via finding skulls and the meat effigy, so that's where the skulls come from I think.