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  1. You must upload it !!!! I really wanna use it !!!!!!
  2. nooow thaaaaaaaaaats awesome !!!!!!!!!!! Iwould love to download him and play with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be fantastic
  3. Yeah I Would Love To Add Warden To my Game ..... If You Upload him it'll be awesome :PP I would use'em all the time
  4. Yeah I Would Love To Add Ashly And Warden To my Game ..... If You guys Upload them it'll be awesome :PP
  5. ohh , well ... I really wanted his hat though I hope I can get it
  6. I have a question ... Why when I kill MacTusk the Walrus his hat falls yet disappears before I can take it and even if I wanna click on it I can't .. !!
  7. Hi , I'm Toppac I would like to suggest something new for the game Don't starve and I think it would be awesome if you listen to what I have xP , my Idea is that I think you should add a new animal to the game which is " Skunk " yup "Skunk " with it's powerful smell of course and you'll be able to kill the skunk and save it's smell and use like just the same was as the " bee Mine " but instead it would be a " stink mine " which will be able to kill insects and will make the dangerous and powerful monsters to fall asleep or "faint " .... just to give enough time to run away I would love to see this idea in your next Update ...hope to hear from you soon