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  1. If I can make a bet, I'll say it is William, starving and with a really messy beard. Maybe the reference to the twin is like the dark and light, and this one would help Wilson to return home.
  2. This game is complete. Moogles. Klei, I will never make the mistake of not having hype for your updates again.
  3. I fund the original game pretty easy, and dying is part of the learning curve. In sandbox type games you tend to do the same things over and over again in some sense, but the knowledge you acquire is the differentiating factor. So maybe the adding difficulty is intended. If you don't like something in this game, and just want to relax, you can edit your world to make it more vanilla and enjoying the new character, or even play the original and regretting buying, but please try to be polite. It's part of life being frustrated, you can't change that, but ask yourself how much you loss with those 4 bucks. Make a kickstarter for your cause or something, I'll repay you if you want. I personally enjoy a lot the DLC and the game in general, and the effort klei makes in making it better deserves a lot more respect IMHO than the words you shared with us.
  4. If I put 9 gunpowder and then dart the giant the loot still gets burned?
  5. When he inspects the alchemy engine refers it father, something like "my father used to work in something like this" or something
  6. It doesn't take damage from eating red mushrooms, need to test for durian and monster lasagna
  7. - Pigs/bunnymen attack on sight - Can only befriend pigs with the new hat: pig hat (like the spider one). Same as bunnymen. - Spiders are neutral, can be hired with meat (the duration for warriors is 1/2 and queen 1/3) - Faster movement in web - Can spawn web turf in a small radius (1x2 or 2x2) at the cost of hunger - Lower health, and sanity and a BIG stomach with slightly faster drain The things that will never happen but I would like to see: - Dusk is like "morning", no adverse effects of daylight - Have night vision - Daylight "blinds" the character making the same effect as night but with radiant borders (and the grue sounds with Charlie's normal voice chuckling). - Same blinding effect with items and structures that produce light (miner hat, lightbulbs and nightmare statues) - Small hp drain in day unless using an umbrella, and a bigger one to sanity - Eating meat restores like 2 health and eating vegetables 5
  8. I always loved Wx comments on everything, loled a lot. Until I examined with Maxwell a beefaloo (normal and shaved) and a baby beefaloo, and won my heart forever.