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  1. Hello, Could someone please remake the picture below with Wilson instead of Poe? If you do, I would be really grateful.
  2. I think I have it now. We are playing as a molecule that has a human consciousness and dissociative personality disorder.
  3. I'm on windows at the moment so I'll check your location when I get home.Also, the error screen. Make sure your video drivers are updated and OpenGL is working.
  4. I know that the save file is located in the Appdata folder for windows, where is it located in Ubuntu 12.04? I am using Google Chrome for both operating systems.I wish to know this because I want to move my save from Windows to Ubuntu.
  5. Does the logsuit count as a combat item? In Australia, body armor is counted as a weapon.I bet Brawn wins because with vegetables you can simply put them in a crock pot. The start will be much more difficult but later game it will be easier for Brawn.
  6. What if we add small plaques with an item image that can be attached to chests.It's better than just dropping an item in front of a chest.
  7. If I had that mod, I would have 100 pigmen.90 of them will have a football helm10 of them will have a top hat. They are the commanding officers
  8. I assume you didn't rush to get it straight away. You did other things in the meanwhile.Also, I BOUGHT THE GAME AND REVIEWED IT AND GAVE 5 STARS AND GAVE TO FRIEND
  9. I like the rocks. Maybe the pigs were trying to build stone henge but failed
  10. I definitely would appreciate an easier planting method. +1 support