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  1. Yep. An inability covers all tasks under that category. So Yokels can't do either research, or research supply, for instance. Even if that task is also in another category.
  2. Instead of dying off at 367% per cycle, when that triggers, germs now start dying off at 3 per second. Seems to be a recent bug.
  3. The chlorine only kills the germs when the liquid is in the reservoir, so if you have any liquid sitting in the input or output pipes, or at the shutoff, for instance, the germs won't die. I ended up having to cycle the output back through the input to handle that, although perhaps there are better ways.
  4. The Germ Overlay showed a morb in a building when the interior hadn't been revealed yet. Spoilers!
  5. Dying off tooltip on germs when below sustainable value - "Fewer than [x] germs germs"
  6. Cook + Gourmet

    You can, however, get "No taste" if interested in cuisine. I suspect they were swapped in the exclude list for the skill.
  7. The food shortage warning is hard coded to trigger based on normal hunger settings. Both the trigger and the tooltip explaining the calorie usage per day should take difficulty setting for hunger into account.
  8. Gas filter feeding backwards (and not filtering)

    Your filter has the green and orange outputs directly connected. You'll need to deconstruct one of the pipes and rebuild it