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  1. "Unnecessary", yes, but in the case of (for example,) Hounds' pathing, they can be used to funnel hounds in to a single attack point. If there's a hole in a wall already hounds go for it rather than making a new one...usually.Technically I didn't need to run around the world capturing fireflies to make a lit path between my campfires, either, but I did that, too. They exist, I can make things look fancy, and I have fun doing this. :b
  2. Werepigs despise walls. Around day 166 I got bored enough to completely surround my pig houses in walls (mostly to protect them from the mating beefalo,) and one night one of the pigs didn't make it back to his house before the moon came out. I started hearing the sounds of walls being smashed, and worried the werepig was trying to break through the walls to get to my campfire. No, he actually decided it was a much better use of his time to smash down all of his own walls in a line, including following any curves or bends in the wall. He wasn't targeting me at all. Is this intended? Certainly werepigs should smash through walls to reach the player, but are they meant to aggressively target the walls if nothing else is near, or is this just a side effect of the walls having HP?
  3. I ran frantically for the nearest beefalo herd. The beefalo mauled everything, and there was much monster meat for friending piggies the next morning.My first fire hound, however, lit a neutral roaming treeguard on fire which then walked through my base, destroying everything.
  4. Low sanity + bunnies.[edit] Beaten to it, haha
  5. Wilson likely conducted cruel experiments on small fuzzy animals.Personally Wolfgang fits less to me. He acts prideful, but it seems to come across more as a defense mechanism (reaction formation) than what he actually believes. It wavers pretty quickly and he gets scared perhaps easier than the other characters do.
  6. I think I made it a few weeks on my first game. What finally killed me was tentacles. I was gathering reeds, and encountered a part of the swamp where four or so had spawned in a cluster. I couldn't dodge them all at once. :C