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    Shank 3?

    Hello KleiIf you remember me from twitter, you probably know that I love you and admire you. I used to send you feedbacks formerly but now I don't and I'm sorry. I beg for a Shank 3:Falcone returns since I finished Shank 2. Shank is my favourite caracter. Shank was the 1st game that made me love pc gaming.I love everything about that game: its story, its AWESOME soundtrack and its AMAZING 2D graphics. I fell in love with that game. And when I learned a Shank 2 was about to be released...man that was like the BEST day of my life. It was a great game, but not as the 1st Shank. I didn't like Shank's new voice and design.And as for the duration, well I was hoping that it would last longer than the 1st one. And I was dissapointed it didn't have a co-op campaign. But now I see that this is my fault. OUR fault. All of us, the impatient fans, were pushing Klei SO HARD to make a Shank 2. So, to satisfie us, they made the game as soon as they could. What Im trying to say is that if we had let them to make Shank 2 whenever they wanted, the game cpuld be better. So I let the future Shank 3 on their hands and I 'll trust them. So since then I shut up and wait. Because you have to wait for good things to happen