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  1. Thanks! The separation idea wasn't really inspired by minecraft, but more by the logical view of needing both a launcher and projectiles. Plus, having multiple projectiles with the same shape (darts, in this case) and different special effects would further speak for a shared launching device. However, this was just an idea thrown in by me, and I think the current solution works perfectly fine, too.
  2. I don't think that honey (or any related recipes) needs a nerf per se. Rather, as with most resources in the game, a counter-measure for honey-overfarming would be awesome. There's gobblers for berries, tree giants for trees and so on.How about some sort of wild, huge bear? If you carry too much honey on you, or if containers (chests, beehives) within an area have a high honey concentration, there's a chance of bears showing up and either attacking you directly, or trying to raid the hives/chests containing the honey.They might be rather slow-moving and slow-attacking, but deal a considerable amount of damage, maybe even knocking the player back on hit, breaking beehives, and killing multiple bees with a single smash.