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  1. Well it also means you don't need to harvest specific resources. I dont know about you but i don't really need or want to cut down trees the first two days as surviving on carrots and the like is more than possible that saves a spot for an axe and a spot for logs she also gets 2 free papyrus which roughly equates to an early birdcage she also gets spells which is cewl. her down sides in comparison are relatively minor
  2. um, technically you are wrong. people get burned as a direct result of the extreme change in temperature that being proximity to fire has. this change in temperature is why things ignite . when the temperature of the surroundings forces the chemical combustion of objects so while fire is not exactly heat itself . it gives off heat in focused highly dangerous amounts. So yeah i totally expect something that is immune to fire (something that gives off some where between 1800 - 9000 degrees in heat) to laugh in the face of a pathetic 90 - 100+ degree summer day. because willow is clearly not wearing a flame retardant suit , the only obvious answer to why fire cant hurt her is that she is a witch or a lava monster. both sound cool but the end result means immunity to heat.
  3. wolfgang would be so much better without a wimpy mode and a normalized normal mode. the idea of having to eat alot to get mighty is perfectly fine. A temporary buff is cool. but outside of that buff wolf gang does nothing else well. his normal form is basically wilson with no beard and a higher hunger penalty. just remove wimpy form and set his normal form hunger rate to 1.0 just like everyone else. remove the diminishing power on mighty as hunger diminishes , so he always does double damage when mighty and adjust his huger rate in that form to be a little higher. there wolfgang is now as good as wilson and maybe even wiggy. WX should start with 2 gears , thus he is given a choice between early self upgrading or getting an essential building up. that should address his early game issues. Willow should be immune to summer (period) sheis fire incarnate. yet a little sun shine bothers her? why ? summer should literally run away in fear of her. wendy needs to do full damage , to keep in line with her frailty just reduce her maximum hp.
  4. my best guess is that those are moon rock and ... moon marble perhaps the devs considered making marble renewable? if i were to apply that train of thought perhaps that other darker moon rock could be an alternative to thulicite?
  5. all that would need to be done , is make it so a spider queen spawns a new spider den when she gets up . boom now spiders double every season or two. but im guessing the op wants the corruption from terraria the bottom line is that the op really jsut wants some mechanic that will require some sort of endless attention on the players part to in a sense keep end game perpetually interesting.
  6. protections would probably be the best thing to do, honestly though how the heck are they going to do summer RoG style in DST when they very act of standing in one spot can set a base on fire? point being there are so many ways to grief people just by standing near their base without doing anything.
  7. I would be all for a fleshed out summer . If we do that we can also tone back the few but really over the top mechanics of summer so that the whole thing is more interesting. The biggest threats in summer really are just generic weather events. Sure if you ignore them you will get obliterated but ice on your head and rot in your pocket and both mechanics are largely reduced to acts of tedium. And we could have some cool stuff. like off the top of my head tree guard migrations. some where in the summer a group of like 10 tree guards uproot and move to another forest , but because it is summer they are also irritable and more violent. the deserts could become very hot and hostile so that the whole biome becomes a massive death trap. ie fire hounds replace normal hounds , buzzards become aggressive large vulturemonsters (mini bosses) mirage monsters anyone? and we can also get zombie pig invasion in full moons . so cool
  8. didn't mean it in terms of practicality. i don't like glaciers every where because it makes no sense and break immersion blue everywhere is strange it being cold or hot in caves is strange to me i don't like weather in caves because it makes no sense and breaks immersion . for me when i hear the word aesthetics i usually think immersion , proper aesthetics like the right affects , the proper sounds , and also looks all play in to it for the glaciers that is obviously the look of it , where as weather in caves is the feel of it .. and to an extend the look of it when your screen its obstructed by ice or heat . so what did i get wrong?
  9. well it is annoying on an aesthetic level to be sure , much like having weather in the caves. But i dont think it is quite as large a turn off since it ultimately is a single isolated mechanic.
  10. It might be a better implementation to just have glacier spawn in the rock biomes in winter instead of penguls being the source of ice
  11. only if the tree guard is a friendly one and gives you free pine cones