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  1. The health could be displayed in a slightly different way (well, entirely different). Have the mobs 'look' damaged when you attack them. Like how rocks start to break apart when you mine them. So if you've attacked a beefalo, maybe one of the horns looks broke, or the hair becomes a bit mesed up. Then at least you have a display of how much health it has left (you'd need to remember what each damage level looks like though) without too many health bars.The problem with this is that all the creatures will then need several (probably loads) more sprites or whatever to show this.The idea of seeing health when you hover over the mob sounds a bit better though. Or maybe one where it displays health when you attack a mob?But I like the idea of some science hat that shows info. It could also say whether beefalo are mating, the age etc (although it is obvious, but just to add to the sciencey studying of things lol)

  2. I've just been reading a bit about how people are saying honey is overpowered and that. People have had their own suggestions for nerfing honey/it's products and that, so I'm not going into them here. I thought there could be a change to the actual beebox that may (or may not lol) help.

    There could be two 'levels' to the bee box building tree (similar to farms). The first and basic level could be a skep. These are the old-fashioned wicker baskets that people used to use as a beehive (These are a few example pictures, here, here and here). Skeps were constructed from wicker (e.g. reeds or grass) and unfortunately, were difficult to extract honey from without entirely destroying the hive.

    The second level could be one of the new bee boxes (like these). The advantage these have is that they are reusable and honey can be extracted without destroying them.

    The second level is actually in the game already, the bee boxes Posted Image.

    The first level is sort of already in the game, the bee hives. These need to be destroyed to get any honey out of them.

    Posted Image

    Main point:

    What I'm suggesting is that we should be able to build something like the bee hives we find generated in the world already. It should be 'fairly' cheap to make: four bees, honeycomb and something to contain everything, such as a couple reeds, grass and/or rope. The only way to extract the honey would be to break it, whereupon it gives out honey and honeycomb like a normal hive. Honey production would work the same as with the boxes (as in relating to how many flowers are about) and the amount of honey inside could be indicated somehow, but I'd say you shouldn't be able to tell with these.

    The bee boxes could act in much the same way as now, but have a higher cost: same number of bees, but more wooden boards (4 maybe, or 8?) and two honeycombs. Honey production would remain the same, but after collecting honey there could be a delay (a day or more) before honey production starts again.

    Misc ideas

    Obviously this will probably need tweaking to get it working, if implemented, but if bee boxes are still over powered there have been some suggestions people have made (like hives spawning killer bees, queen bees, bears eating honey etc).

    One idea I had is that every so often (every ten-fifteen days) it could go into breeding season. The bees would leave the hive (potentially spawning drones or a queen bee or something) and honey production would be stopped. The hive would need to be restarted with new bees (or maybe a queen bee or queen bee egg if queen bees are implemented [and they drop queen bee eggs lol]).

    Not sure if it's been mentioned, but a smoker could be implemented, which uses grass or twigs, to placate the bees. Harvesting without this could spawn killer bees.

    Bee boxes could periodically get infested be varroa mites (or something) and need to be cleaned (probably not as good an idea, because we'd need some way of making a poison to kill the ites or something lol).

    If bears (or honeybadgers, or something else which may decide to munch on the honey) are implemented, boxes may become 'damaged' after they are attacked and need to be repaired. Shouldn't destroy the box entirely, but could be repaired with extra boards or something.

  3. Keep Wilson the same. He's now the 'basic' character. We also now have easy mode/hard mode characters available, so it would be very selfish and unfair to change every character to suit how certain people specifically want to play the game lol. So if you want to just play the game normally, choose Wilson, if you want it harder choose Wes (I think) and so on.Edit: Just for those saying beardling hair is hard to get. If this is accurate, then it takes over 8 days to get enough beard hair from Wilson, whereas you could probably kill beardlings for hair almost as soon as you start the game. Not sure what what drop rate is. But yeah, beardling hunting is an active task, whereas growing a beard is passive, so it's a tradeoff between time and effort.

  4. I hate having to make maps in minecraft, I would never want to do that in a perma-death game.

    I have to agree, that making maps is annoying.Not having a map works ok in minecraft, because at least you could climb a tree or mountain and have a good look about to see where you are, but in don't starve some areas look very similar and with the way the game is (2.5D or something) it's a bit difficult to navigate via landmarks only. It would be irritating if you kept getting lost and died because you didn't know where you were and you had to spend time/resources making maps instead of actually surviving.I suppose you don't necessarily 'need' a map early on, it's once you build a base you'll want to see where stuff is, but by then you could have learned/made landmarks anyway.I rely on my map quite a bit, so I can't say I'm too fond of this idea (unless maybe if the maps were very cheap to make).

  5. I don't think this has been suggested as such, although some people have mentioned making jerky and similar items (which I think would be a good idea) and others have suggested using the crock pot.

    In real life, you can't make jerky with a campfire (because that would cook the meat lol) so something like a smoker could be used instead. It would probably be made with stone/cut stone similar to the crock pot, and may need fuel to smoke things (depending on whether fuel use is implemented for the crock pot).

    Food produced

    (I know it's been talked about elsewhere, but I thought I'd add my ideas here)

    The smoker would be used to make jerky and smoked fish. In my opinion, the jerky products should be something like this:

    Morsels and frog legs would probably make a jerky nuggets or something (for example, like this), where as larger meats would just make jerky.

    Monster meat, if usable in the smoker, would obviously make monster jerky (which obviously follows the same idea as all monster meat food). Fish would become smoked fish or kippers or something similar (like these).

    No 'cooked' (and if possible no spoiled) food would be able to be smoked.

    For the values it has, as it is a 'preserved' food, it should last longer than normal, but would perish (to prevent immensly large food stores). Health restorage should be similar, but hunger restorage should be reduced (because IRL, the jerky produced is smaller than the amount of meat you start with, and a few pieces of dried meat shouldn't fill you up too much). It should restore some sanity, because this is a civilised thing.

  6. The only actual option, apart from learning combat (I don't actually know what these people are talking about here. They might mean learn how to kite them? Or use traps?) is seeing if someone has/is willing to make a mod for the game.NI'm not sure how to go about it myself, but someone who knows what they're doing could probably make a mod that causes less hounds to spawn (if you asked them nicely, lol).

  7. I think something like this would be a good idea. Some people complain that we're too dependant on large bases and farms (and then go an build a large base themselves :S but that's besides the point) so making more things portable would allow us to move around more. As it is right now, once we stick our science machines down, we're reluctant to move elsewhere (or at least I am).If this or something similar is implemented, then I'd say we could only use it when we drop it from our inventory onto the floor, or it's only usable when we equip it like the backpack. Just so it doesn't mean we can build whatever we like when running about as if we already researched stuff (because then a science machine would essentially just become a filled inventory slot that you can't use, if you understand what I'm meaning? lol).

  8. I'd thought before about a few ideas for new mobs. I understand that there is the winter update and such, or certain mobs may already being nerfed/changed (like how birds no longer fly to seeds near the player), so these ideas may not be suitable or their roles may already be filled. But anyway, here's a few ideas I had. If I can think of any more, I'll add them :)

    Snow hare

    A replacement for the rabbit that comes in winter. Like some (most?) hares, they wouldn't have a burrow, so would be found (infrequently) around the map. Because of this, their main defence would be running away. They could eat from the berry, twigs and/or grass nodes. For the appearance could look very similar, only slightly larger and white/slightly blue. So really, it's just a sort of amalgamation of different hares lol.


    A semi-random animal, found wandering around. Like real bears they have an omnivorous diet, and would scavenge any food (e.g. meat, berries, even pine cones). Could be more likely to spawn near bee hives/bee boxes, so pose a risk at bases. I'd say it should take honey from player made hives, but shouldn't destroy the boxes (because it would be very annoying) but if implemented, it could change. It could also fill the role of an animal that raids farm plots for food.


    A rare spawn with the hounds. Has a more humanoid-like form, and is more likely to attack pigs and player walls (but only the grass and wooden walls, which it could 'blow down'). It's main use would be mid/end game, to make it harder, or to add another 'boss' character or possibly to encourage people with very large and protected bases to move to the next world.


    A passive animal, like the birds, that only spawns at night (Could encourage a bit more night time exploring). Would drop a morsel if killed. You could catch one if a bug/bird net and put it in a bird cage and drop guano (bat droppings) when fed fruit/veg, butterflies or bees (in RL most bats eat insects and some eat fruit). Also, some bats could be 'vampire bats' and attack the player, or if a bed roll is used near them without shooing them away, the player wakes up with a small health loss.

    Guano produced by the bats could act as a fertiliser, but would only be about as good as rot (maybe a bit better?).

    Edit: As wrongenvelope mentioned, guano is a good fertiliser. To offset the ease of producing it from a caged bat, then maybe a a specific resource-heavy bat box (like one of these) needs to be built, or there's only a chance (like 50%) of a bat producing guano, or a certain number of food items need to be fed to the bat and then the guano could be harvested from the cage. (This would all have to be checked for balance, to see what would be the best option)


    A passive animal, similar to the other birds but it only spawns at night. Could land on the ground randomly like birds, but instead of landing near seeds would land near rabbits, morsels or insects (which they would then kill/eat). They won't drop seeds if killed or startled, but could drop 'owl pellets' which may contain stingers, or hounds teeth or something else if anyonw can think of out. Could encourage a bit more night time exploring.


    Another night version of an animal already in the game (obviously based on the rabbits lol). Mainly out during the night, possibly hanging about the flowers like butterflies EDIT: As wrongenvelope said below, moths could be attracted to the campfire and maybe other light sources (but not glow worms). Drops moth wings, which are functionally equivalent to butterfly wings. Could also drop silk, as in 'silk moths' (I'm aware that you get silk from the pupae of certain species but it doesn't have to be 100% realistic lol). To further differentiate them from butterflys, when harvesting crop from a farm plot there could be a small (1%, or 10%, I dunno) chance of a moth appearing instead of a fruit/veg, because certain moth species (e.g. coddling, corn boring, diamondback moths to name a few) are important pests of crops.

  9. I suppose for sandbox mode you could have the 'old method' available, but as in sacrifice several items for research points so you unlock stuff (as normal) but have this reset with every game.Or generally just an 'all items unlocked mode'. Some other games have certain options restricted when in story mode, but all available in sandbox ones. For example..... warcraft 3, you can't build all the units at the start of the campaign, but if you start a skirmish match or whatever, just about everything is unlocked.If this was an option, then people who want to play with the new method can, and people who want to play with the old method can't, but have something which is sort of the same, with an option to collect research points (but it resets like the new method) or an option to have everything unlocked, no prototypes or research points needed.And I don't really see the point in saying, in opposition to the 'old method', that it'll spoil the game or something. I mean, if you prefer the new method then that's fine. But if there was the option for the old method as well (like it had last update) then it shouldn't ruin your game because there's no multiplayer and no one is forcing you to choose that option. Not trying to pick on anyone or anything lol. It's just last update had both options, neither of which 'forced' you to play them. I don't actually know if this update removed the option though, because I haven't started a new world.To be honest though, I can't say whether I prefer the new method or not. It's a bit annoying that some decent tools are not availale from the start (spears etc), especially when I just start to establish a base and research stuff, then die. But it does add to the replayability of the game and it makes more sense that we're prototyping stuff, instead of just shoving random things into a machine lol.

  10. I really don't have a clue where I would start trying to decrypt these puzzles :o Especially with seeing what happened with previous updates, like unzipping image files :S lolAnd I dunno if anyone has mentioned this specificly yet, but it may be appropriate, what with the name of the update and people mentioning red herrings:"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

  11. Hello,

    when I first started the game, I found it rather difficult. After establishing a base and learning what to do it became somewhat easier. Going about to collect stuff, such as rocks or whatever is still quite difficult, especially because of the number of spiders and tallbirds. But also if I don't prepare adequately it's easy to be caught out in the dark or without any food. The mid/end game is (or probably is, seeing as I haven't survived hundreds of days like some people) a bit easier than the start because you have reliable sources of food. With the winter update, I think this will help to solve a lot of the 'too much food' problem people think there is. It would hopefully end up forcing people to venture out for food, especially if the only food available is sparse and immovable.

    The problem I see with trying to make this more difficult by, say, nerfing bases or weapons, or increasing the power/number of monsters is that the game will be moving away from the "Don't starve" aspect to more of a "Don't get killed by monsters". Obviously, this is just the title of the game, not the entirety of what it's about, but I would suggest altering the difficulty directly though the food first. The way I see it, lack of food is going to force players to encounter monsters anyway, so making all of them too overpowered is just going to make it frustrating.

    If the game gets too hard (especially if early game) then I'm worried it'll end some good strategies for playing. What I mean is, players will pick the optimal solution for playing if there is no leeway. At the minute, I think you could survive off food in the wild, or make a farm, or kill some animals etc. But if it's made too difficult/impossible to survive with some strategies then everyone will end up playing the 'one' way that works, and if you can only survive if you perform a certain set of actions then it will get boring and repetative.

    On the other hand, (in my opinion) people will naturally seek out an 'easy' way to do things, seeing as many people are apparantly making massive farms to survive (and so are getting bored, because the other methods are too difficult?) and using the same tactics over and over. If there was some way to temporarilly discourage certain strategies (such as making a farm) then it would help to make the game more varied. I found this a bit already, when the fire hounds come, forcing my to defend myself in a different way than ususal or risk letting my base burn up. Or mating season for beefalos/pigs turning into were pigs - things that interrupt the 'normal' routines that some people do and get used to. Although I don't know much about it yet, I'm hoping that the winter update will help with this by, for example, making farming difficult for a period, encouraging alternate survival methods. Hopefully some sort of cycle can by implemented that makes certain methods better/worse for a time.

    So yeah, I would say rather than make it easier to die, make it harder to survive, if you get my meaning.