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  1. im trying to make more balanced mods, it seems people like them better
  2. Version 1.0


    Ladies and Gentlemen i hereby present you a new and revolutionary chester THE GOLD CHESTER. Up to this point in dont starve chester could only be upgraded to shadow and snow but now with this mod you can upgrade him to gold. Just fill chester inventory with yellow gems and he will upgrade to this new state but what does gold chester do for you? Gold chester is a infinite ecologic light source wich will make cave exploration ten times easier. If you are not already blown away by this mod then just take a look at this totally real reviews from good sources. "Its like call of duty but with more yellow." 9/20 IGN "Better than obamacare." 10/9 George Bush "MAN SHUT THE F##K UP" 100/4 Snoop dog
  3. thanks for the comment, the funny thing is that im not going to use it either this was just a request from a guy in steam and i just did it, in the end this mod makes the game too easy at least for me