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  1. Beard hairs?

    Ah, so that's what those black rabbits were!
  2. What is your biggest fail?

    Getting killed by Shadows in the insanity update, then reviving from my meat effigy right near them, which reduced my sanity even further, immediately aggroing them again and dying again. Fun times.
  3. Day 1, by Grue embarassingly. I was completely un-aware darkness would be certain death
  4. This idea was kind of inspired from Dead Rising 2, where you can combine certain food items in the game to create juices which provide passive buffs/bonuses. I was thinking you could either: a) Create a blender, though I’m not too sure about the material cost. Maybe something like 2 cutstone, 1 planks, 1 gold b) This would be an added feature of the alchemy machine(Further promoting the name of the device). Function – It would work basically the same as a crockpot. Throw in 4 different food items and see what you get, certain recipes could only be made with certain food items which need to include/exclude other ones, etc. Some Drink idea Examples – Mandrake Punch: Requires: 1 mandrake, 1 dragonfruit Excludes: Any meat Bonuses: -Cannot be attacked by Grue at night -Can faintly see in pitch black darkness throughout the night Drawbacks: -Slowly take damage throughout the day for the duration of the effect Beefalo Shake: Requires: 1 beefalo hair, 1 grass Excludes: Fruits Bonuses: -Can eat grass to fill hunger moderately for the duration of the effect -Beefalos are not hostile towards you for duration of effect(Like the beefalo hat) Drawbacks: -Eating any normal food item only provides health refills, does not satisfy hunger at all for duration of effect I can imagine this might bring in some balance issues, but with some adjustments I personally think something like this would be a pretty neat addition to have and introduce more uses for the current items available. Thoughts?
  5. Yes, I kind of like that idea of only needing two ingredients more, however I don't think they shouldn't be too easy to make. Or, each type of drink would have a cooldown after drinking one, so you couldn't have a near-endless buff just by drinking from a large stack of them. Alternatively, just make them un-stackable.
  6. How did YOU find DS?

    A friend of mine on steam randomly gifted me his 2nd copy, having no previous knowledge of the game. And now I love him for it.