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  1. I think I saw Kevin say somewhere that they'll be making another pass on the map too, to make it show roads and possibly pig houses too.
  2. You can one-shot bunnies, just gotta use a spear
  3. I started a sandbox world today and I found several plains biomes. Sounds like you just got a bad world, maybe try jumping worlds using the teleporter. Also, you can get manure from Pigmen by feeding them vegies, berries or flower petals.EDIT: Ninja'd, except for the rotten food part. Rot can only be used as fertilizer, you can't use it to make farms.
  4. If this were to be implemented the bush hat should be given durability. It'd be like an interactive trap item!
  5. Yes, they should make the cursor Maxwell's hand!
  6. So I decided to teleport

    I guess those priorities are right if you're planning to build a Zoo on your next world.
  7. You could say it was somewhat of a Buzzkill.Sorry.
  8. It's right mouse button! I think Ctrl+click on mac? Not sure about mac.
  9. I say just add more things that happen on a full moon other than pigs turning into warepigs.
  10. Tents

    I would like it if it's functionality was exactly like the straw roll but it had say 3 or so uses. Or it had to be maintained with silk or something.
  11. Tents

    Yes, I would prefer just a tent you need to maintain or something like that. If it doesn't get added I hope atleast someone can make a mod for it! +1
  12. Trail Mix

    Well, the problem with this is that seeds have been disabled for use in the crockpot as they were too easy to use as a filler for it(I think this was the reason?)
  13. Killed while respawning

    This is why sometimes the amulet is more handy than the effigy, because it puts all enemies around you to sleep when you revive. Don't know if that really addresses the issue but I thought I'd throw that out there
  14. Crock pot question

    I've never actually tried using a crockpot in that way, all I can say is this is why you always keep a torch handy! (Especially with the recent buff, torches are awesome now)
  15. Just a little UI addition I think would be nifty in the game to have. Whenever you begin gathering something(like grass for example) have a small progress bar appear above your characters head that fills, indicating when gathering that object will be complete. I mostly just want this because I can not tell you how many times I've clicked away from gathering something with 0.1 seconds left and had multiple attempts at the same tuft of grass >.<
  16. Just a few quick respawn questions. Do swamp tentacles respawn? Or is it possible to completely clear out a swamp for good? Do rabbit holes respawn in grass biomes? Do carrots/flowers respawn?Kind of want to know if I should be careful about how many rabbit holes I dig up and if I have an infinite supply of swamp tentacles
  17. It seems the most popular strategy at the moment is to just settle down in the most optimal location and build a giant base camp, which is perfectly understandable since a lot of the important items are immobile, the addition of walls further encouraging this strategy and the strategy is very viable and fun(building things is fun). However, I keep asking myself "Is this how I'm intended to play?" Though, due to the sandboxy nature of the game that question is largely subjective. But, with the addition of the portals, what will be the incentive to jump worlds using this strategy? I'm also curious to how many people settle down and turtle and how many are constantly on the move! How do you play?
  18. Health won't go above 80

    Yep, effigies were changed to take off 20% of your health with each one you build until one is used.
  19. They don't seem to mind if you rob them of their crops though. I have to wonder why everything they grow they don't actually like eating? Or is it just for aesthetic purposes? Them pigs, I'll never figure them out.
  20. Level 5

    The "Killer bee fields" are actually present in sandbox mode as well, believed to be some sort of map gen bug at the moment. As for the clustered berry bushes, that was included in the new update that pigmen now have "farms" so to speak. There will be 3x3 tiles of either flowers, carrots or berry bushes in their villages sometimes. As for the other stuff, I have no idea though!
  21. Was there a tweak to the insanity hit when using a wormhole recently? Or.. does Wendy have a secret insanity resistance? I was playing as Wilson(before eventually dying to hallucinations) and wormholes would take off about a 3rd~ of my sanity meter. Then, the next day I started a new game as Wendy and now they only take off a small amount of sanity now, not even a quarter. So, was this tweaked or is it a character bonus?
  22. So has anyone found out how to get beard hairs in the "wild" without using Wilson? I would like to know.
  23. How do -you- play?

    I get a small cozy base going in the first few days and then huddle around my fire, surviving off farms and berries being scared to leave the safety of my walls. Then inevitably die to something silly like a swamp tentacle when I go to fetch some reeds.
  24. I'm pretty sure it does.. I recall seeing a section on the steam store dedicated to Mac games.