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  1. I'd actually like if the tent had multiple uses, you had a random chance to be attacked by something during your sleep when using a tent(Hounds perhaps) because the tent is tall and stands out. So there would be an element of risk by using such a luxury item.
  2. Yes, I say Sanity should decrease faster the longer you survive. I'm pretty sure anyone would start to go insane being trapped in a strange world all alone for 200+ days.
  3. I wonder what would be harder to implement.. Mountains or Multiplayer..?
  4. I would like it to be optional. I kind of like not being able to see the health of enemies, adds to the tension during fights a bit, not knowing when it will end. Just a simple setting in options "Health bars: on/off" would be fine though. The only other issue I see with it is it would look very clunky in say, a horde of beefalos. Maybe perhaps a more compact system like Terraria would work? Where you would see the HP of a mob only when hovering the mouse over them, e.g "47/60hp".Also, on the topic of bars, I made a similar thread here.
  5. Walls and Turfs don't count?
  6. My Feedback on the Music

    Isn't Wilson's "voice" a harmonica?
  7. Yes, I would like to see a strong wind mechanic that could possibly make trees fall over and damage things during a storm, or perhaps things like bee-boxes and such would take "wind" damage if exposed without sufficient shelter(surrounded by walls for example) and "shatter" into half the components it costs to build them, basically the same as if it was destroyed with a hammer. +1
  8. I'm pretty sure the Devs stated somewhere that they added characters mainly for the sake of variety, giving you new and fun ways to play, there's no point trying to "balance" characters. It's like saying playing a game on the "easy" difficulty setting is overpowered, because it makes the game well.. easy.
  9. Sleep darts?

    On the topic of darts, I remember making one "dart" would give you a stack of more than just one? Was that changed or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  10. I just thought of something...

    They will learn like everyone else did.
  11. I'm fairly sure you can still build the portal in sandbox, just the next world won't be any more "difficult" than the last, so there's not much reason to do it unless you've starved yourself of rocks or something.
  12. Uh.. just to verify, if you mean wormholes as in the mouth-like ones you find on the ground, those don't take you to a new world, they're basically two way short-cuts to random locations in your current world(However sapping your sanity a bit when you use them). You have to assemble the "Teleportato" by finding various parts in your world and build it to transition to the next world.
  13. You can use the wasd keys to move, I recommend using them in any combat situation, much more reliable for dodging and things.
  14. I would actually like to see biome-specific food sources. As in, certain things could only be harvested depending on which Biome you decide to "base" in, so you'd have to adapt to your environment. e.g Grassland = -Fastest honey production -Average berry bush/grass growth -Slow farm and sapling production Forest = -Average honey production -Fast sapling/grass/berry production -Average farm production -Faster tree growth Plains = -Slow honey production -Fast farm production -Fast grass production -Average sapling production Swamp = -Uninhabitable by bees -Fastest farm production -Fastest grass and sapling production -Berry bushes unplantable Idea for the swamp is that it has the most fertile soil but certain things can't inhabit it due to the poisonous nature of the biome. This would be to encourage a risk/reward strategy. Thoughts?
  15. Well, I just think something like this would add a whole new dimension of strategy to the game. You'd have to plan out a lot more and it'd keep the game fresh having to constantly adapt to different environments and managing your resources. I think it would also go well with the intended survival-y aspect of the game.
  16. Yes, I thought of that too. I was thinking each biome would have the properties set for that area, so moving tiles out of it wouldn't change anything except aesthetics.
  17. I'm only throwing ideas around to get the idea across I came up with those pretty quickly, they would ofcourse need tweaking.
  18. I think the idea of the game is to make it so you need to take risks in order to survive, but it's not completely implemented yet. Especially with the coming winter update, you'll probably be forced to do some risky things to get food during the winter. And I, personally, find being able to save and reload is betraying the intended gameplay experience.They give you tools to stop you from dying(Meat effigies, amulets) and as Kevin said, he wants you as a player to "upgrade" your knowledge of the game and learn from your mistakes. It's not supposed to be an action RPG game, he even said that he really doesn't want combat to be a focus.
  19. Yes, I'm pretty sure in the suggestion thread it was described as a sanity restoring item with durability and you had to find discs for it from graves.
  20. Turkey?

    Well he doesn't talk, so he'll never tell you when he's hungry. So if you're not checking your hunger meter often you can be in a bit of a pinch.
  21. I don't usually bother with traps, I just line them up with their rabbit hole and run towards them, so when they panic they'll try to run back to the rabbit hole and thus towards me
  22. Turkey?

    Wait till you try out Wes (If you haven't already)
  23. Turkey?

    Drop berries on the ground near him. Then proceed to walk up and wail on him.EDIT:You can use ctrl+left click to drop single items from a stack. Handy for killing those I found.
  24. I'm not sure about chrome but for Steam it'll be(By default) your main drive, so most likely C:/Program files/Steam/steamapps/common/don't_starve