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  1. Me want house!

    ...But everyone does anyway right? :DSeriously though, just the way building and teching works in this game, it kind of really encourages to player to settle down somewhere at some point in time. Turbo farms and research stations aren't exactly the most mobile things, yes you can knock them down with a hammer but you lose half the resources, which isn't exactly ideal. There's also walls, firepits, chests.. the list goes on.
  2. Me want house!

    Sounds like they'd be used as sanity restoring items to me. Perhaps you could set up a zone of sanity restoration by having several pieces of furniture near each other and resting near them. Eating at a table could also restore sanity maybe?
  3. Desert Biome

    Question: Would it snow in Desert Biomes? It'd seem kind of odd if it did.. and if it didn't, welp, I know where I'm holding out for the Winter!
  4. Why was night nerfed?

    It's only short during summer, once winter hits the nights are quite long and dusk starts a lot earlier.
  5. Chest, huh, Yeah!

    I think the other handy thing with chests is stack organising. I don't think you can use the ctrl+click on stacks of items on the ground to split them and such like that. It'd also get annoying trying to manage everything in piles, firehounds would be extra hazardous to your items as well.
  6. If storms are added, I hope there's a way to harness lightning to power electricity-based items! Or something like that.
  7. Logsuit

    Well Excuuuuse me. I didn't realise we were talking day 100+ hounds. I do believe according to the roadmap the devs are still sorting out the late/end game, so maybe we will see a 3rd craftable armor sometime in the near future.
  8. Logsuit

    Just practice kiting! Trust me, once you get the hang of kiting, you'll think logsuits need a nerf :DEDIT: Also, don't forget about the football helmet!
  9. Title is a little misleading.. I thought you were referring to "Those who want the game harder"
  10. Rabbit traps are not working

    This was happening to me too, but not just normal traps, it was happening an awful lot with bird traps as well.
  11. No Honey

    Use a bugnet(crafted with 2 silk, 2 twigs and a rope I think) and catch butterflies. You can plant butterflies on the ground to make flowers. Flowers will spawn more butterflies, so you can keep making more and more flowers.
  12. Burn silk?

    Maybe we could use silk along with beefalo hair as insulation on walls and you could build a cabin to live in for the winter? Or maybe rugs or something.
  13. It was only to do with the spiders, Sliver pointed out the problem in his thread and Kevin replied with the hotfix notes. Check it out here.
  14. But Silk is infinitely farmable, therefore bugnets, therefore butterflies, therefore flowers! Right?
  15. It wasn't intentional, apparently!
  16. Is he guaranteed to show up each winter? Or is it a random chance like a Treeguard spawning?
  17. Try getting used to kiting, it'll really save on durability for your logsuit. Also try making a football helmet as well, you can take quite a beating with logsuit + football helmet.EDIT: Senior post get!
  18. Winter production

    I just hit winter on my world, it's been going for about 2 ingame days, rabbits are still coming out of their holes, a bit too early to tell if bee production is halted/slowed. Farms however seem to have stopped working. Not sure about berry bushes, either.EDIT: Does winter increase the chances for treeguards to spawn? I just had almost 3 in a row of the biggest size, I only cut down about 1-2 trees as well.
  19. Freezing.

    When you're too cold you lose health gradually, but it's a pretty fast drain. It's not instant, though. This was wearing a top hat and logsuit though, not sure if those constitute as "cold" protection.
  20. Clothes and winter

    Winter hat, beefalo hat, breezy vest. You can choose when winter starts in custom sandbox mode, you can even make it always winter. On default settings yes, it's quite possible to get enough food before winter.
  21. Pan flute recipe too expensive!

    Does that mean.. you don't craft anything that uses stone? Seriously though, I think the resources requirements for it justify the power of it. Being able to nuetralise all mobs on the screen in an instant is pretty damn useful.
  22. Also on this topic, does anyone know if winter is re-occuring? If so, how long inbetween each winter?
  23. This begs the question.. can a tent be used in complete darkness?
  24. Idea for electricity:Add stormy weather, and you have to build a metal rod to "gather" electricity during them, from the lightning obviously.I think it would fit the theme!