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  1. I like this game a lot. I dont think its too difficult in fact after many hours playing it I find it becoming too easy. Can beat some mission easily. . One mission I bought two pistols and hack the turrets and was killing agents everywhere on alarm level 6 and escaped the mission.
  2. Xpadder sounds like a good idea.I will check that out.
  3. ThanksThis is what I wanted to know
  4. Yea im using keyboard most of the time except for building and using items
  5. Dont be so ignorantIm just asking if there a plans for gamepads.Im not blaming anyone.Damm kidz these days
  6. Well ok maybe the Devs can answer this question.I use my tv playing this game and sitting on couch with key/mouse isnt fun playing.
  7. Will this game get gamepad support in the future?And yes I know key/mouse is probably more suitable for this game I just like to use a gamepad for my games.
  8. I played just 20 hours so far. Waiting for the game to be completed before playing it a lot.Btw People should check out the game Under the ocean. Its a survival game aswell and is going to be pretty awesome.
  9. Ooh your right I misunderstood the video. I thought he was one of the developers sharing some of his ideas for the game. They should check out this video.
  10. Thanks for the video. It explained a lot. I hope they go with the dice rolling that would be awesome and give this game a lot of replayability Love playing Spelunky because you never now what items you are going to get and how the stages will be setup. It makes every playthrough different and fun