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  1. Honestly, all the "Can hardly ever get X item from Y creature." can be explained by the fact you don't fight gracefully at all. There may not be any usable, non-broken material.Same with the meat from hounds and spiders. And the spider glands aren't actual size.Treeguards having meat can be explained by saying they just have an exoskeleton of wood, and their limbs are the screaming logs. It would also explain how you don't get all of them. You attack the legs, after all.

  2. They've said they would love to do it, but they can't for now due to the time and resources it takes to make something as big as Forbidden Knowledge. I would LOVE for them to do it eventually, but for now, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I agree that the animations are always truly amazing.

    A shame, but I understand. Maybe when they're done with the free updates they could do it while they think of new DLC and puzzles to torture us with. :3

  3. Honestly I don't think Wilson needs much of a change beyond giving him a better way to revive. He's SUPPOSED to be average. He's the first character you get.Also the fact that he's a gentleman scientist doesn't matter. That's from his history and how he was transported to the world to begin with. The titles don't have to match the perks. They're just to give you a small description of their history.