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  1. Welp you just sold me 2 more copies of the game to give to my gf and brother! This is going to be so fun
  2. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    wow, and it's so easy to get. I have 4 cat stumps by my base and I get one every time they repop
  3. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Does anyone know what Cat Cap does yet? Just warmth I guess?
  4. Oh, speaking of moles, I don't know if you guys are aware but you can hit them with the hammer and then pick them up for later use. It's funny, when you mouse over them with the hammer it says "Whack" instead of "Attack".. Whack a Mole!
  5. Well right now it says build imminent in the game, so if it was greater than 24 hours it might say something else. That is just me being hopeful though
  6. I wonder why her sanity drops with the watermelon hat on, perhaps because it's so ridiculous
  7. Unoriginal characters are boring
  8. Caves and ruins are impossible now.

    You don't need the Football Helmet on unless you are planning to fight, and if you're doing that you should have a lantern or fire nearby anyway, I bring Marble Suit for really difficult things like the cave worms though
  9. Caves and ruins are impossible now.

    Do it during Spring and bring Rain Coat (100% rain protection) and Football Helmets. I just did it and cleared out the clockwork part of ruins easily. You should also bring a Marble Suit in case you get zerged. Also bring Small Jerky for sanity.. it's absolutely not impossible
  10. I agree, remove it and just give players a spear and a campfire, who needs anything else
  11. Birdcage OP

    my god you are obnoxious
  12. So I have put like 20 in game days in World 1 in to finding the Wooden Thing and can't find it.. and since it's randomly placed I am losing interest fast in moving on to world 2 Perhaps a compass item or something so we don't spend hours looking for the wooden thing/other things? I know you want us to explore, and I have 110 hours in this game, but my god I am tired of walking around in the rain and having fires burn out 2-3x as fast
  13. oh.. I was checking other forums, thanks
  14. Are there any patch notes anywhere? I want to know if I can take my Survival character to Adventure, it's a Winter update character though so a bit old.. not sure if there will even be a doorway