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  1. Alright, I'm gettin kinda annoyed at how bees attack me every single time I get honey from my bee box. Yeah ok I know there are certain times of the day when bees won't come out blah blah blah..... BUT I think this should be in the game because I don't want to be guessing around what time I can go harvest my box! And even if I do know what time, waiting around isn't very fun. I'm sure Wilson is smart enough to create a bee smoker. He can create a freakin meat statue that brings him back to life.k, thanks.
  2. Yes, there we go. You do the same thing, just to die. Then do the same thing. Just to die. Wasted efforts and cheap, stupid deaths make a game feel sour. I've raged on this game a few times before (damn tall one-eyed birds are OP as ****). If there are achievements in the game at least you die and complete one and you're like "Oh well, at least it wasn't a total waste and I got an achievement."If you don't agree with my point of view that's fine. I just want people to understand where I'm coming from.
  3. Cheaty devices in the mod forums would allow people to do that without breaking a sweat. Passing days instantly, god mods that make you invincible. Etc.
  4. Check the modding section of the Don't Starve forums. Lots of nice stuff there.I agree statistical information might be a nice way to keep progress of what you have done. But.... it's ehh. You can't compare it to anything. It's just there to look nice. It's like that extra layer of frosting on a cake. Doesn't do anything. But it looks nice.
  5. Well. Maybe I miss worded it a bit. It's hard to explain. But try to understand what I'm saying here:You play a game that gets updated with new things every two weeks. How nice. But nothing changes. You die 50 times over. You run around collecting grass, structures, etc. You're at day 100 and you've move to a new island. Repeat process.What do you call that? Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but... ehhh it's hard to describe what I'm trying to get across.
  6. I still don't get it. Are you talking about Leaderboard stats? With the cheaty mod tool people can fake how many days that have actually survived. They can spawn stuff at random so I don't think that might be such a great idea.
  7. This is a sandbox game. Making multiple achievements gives the game progression. A lot of sandbox games are typically multiplayer unless they have some kind of deep story line (but that's an argument for the multiplayer). My point is: Without a faithful single-player story that will add emotions and a great experience all that's left is: multiplayer and achievements. No achievements = soulless game.Did I miss anything? I feel like I missed something.
  8. Hahahahaha! If it's not on the first page of threads, it doesn't exist!
  9. Stats would be a nice way to keep track of progress but... There's still no incentive to do stuff.
  10. I see what you're trying to say. BUT the game is still a sandbox with adventure mod in BETA. When you have a sandbox with nothing to do you get bored real fast. Eventually coming back to life 20 times gets real boring, real fast with no goal. The mod creator should add dozens upon dozens of achievements to give us SOMETHING to do. Maybe he can even challenge us with the mods.
  11. Idk why but I feel like achievements should be added on Steam. Maybe to make the game feel more progressive. For example: All Hail The Queen - Kill your first spider queen. Survivor's Best Friend - Feed 100 pigs A Wild Koalefant has appeared! - Track your first Koalefant Make It Rain! - Give the Pig King 5 + more treasures. 20 years to Life - Entrap a bird in a birdcage Just small stuff like that so I feel like I'm not just randomly doing stuff to do them. It gives more incentive to do EVERYTHING in the game. I hope a modder sees this and maybe suggests it to Kevin. It doesn't have to be right away. Maybe just do it on your spare time (if you have any). I appreciate that great updates you guys are doing every 2 weeks. They are very small in memory size but huge in content. Keep up the good work.
  12. That's fine. Sometimes the muse hit you. Sometimes they don't. It all depends on what you're feeling.
  13. Very VERY nice. Keep em coming. Don't care what you do. Just do it.............Suggestion? Chester x WickerbottomWickerbottom is annoyed by Chester but she secretly likes him a little (she only shows it with a small smile).Think you can do that? Thanks if you can!