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  1. Is there any chance that the steam workshop could be implemented once the game's out of beta?
  2. I get this every time I play too, it seems to only appear after I've been playing for a while, and on different slots in the inventory every time
  3. The only problem would be that it would have to land, as the camera doesn't really zoom out enough to fight a flying animal. Other than that I like it, it's kinda similar to the Vultures that other people have mentioned, maybe if you kill a load of them this fellow could appear.
  4. Maybe the spiders could wander around in the spider-creep during daytime, catching any animals or players that intrude, as well as setting up their own traps in a radius around it. Maybe rabbits and birds that land on the creep could get stuck and eaten. Also I think it would be quite funny and cool to see spiders gathering seeds and food to bait their traps with. :}
  5. The poet should wear a 'ruff'!Also, instead of just getting less hunger from eating meat, if he's meant to be a veggie he should refuse to eat meat unless he's really hungry.
  6. I don't know about active abilities, but I can imagine how these could be implemented in the form of items.Your ideas for Wilson and Wickerbottom would go well with the journal or notebook that I've heard of in other threads.The idea varies but the way I see it is as an item crafted with papyrus and twigs (?), that would place an icon in the UI that you could click and find various bits of information about the world (creatures etc).With that in mind maybe Wilson could have a magnifying glass, crafted from gold and a stick (and glass if that was in the game), which would allow him to access a greater level of detail in the journal. Wickerbottom could be able to craft an encyclopedia instead of a journal, which has an even greater level of detail, and maybe contains basic information about some things already.Willow could craft matches and a matchbox (twigs, papyrus and charcoal?) which would act like very dim torches, lasting about 3/4 seconds, but giving the ability to set fire to things without a torch. They could also stack in high numbers.Wolfgang is tough, maybe a new weapon that would do what you described. Maybe boxing gloves that allow him to attack with his bare fists, knocking enemies back? Maybe they could be made of beefalo wool, ropes and silk?The thing you suggested for Wendy seems relatively similar to the pan flutes, I think. Maybe something to do with her 'nice little girl' image, based on her portrait I thought of a flower that she could hold, picking off petals continuously, that allows her to approach any creature without it caring. This could be used to sneak past monsters, creep up on birds or rabbits to hunt them, or sneakily steal tallbird eggs or shave beefalo. As she's picking off flowers this would act like durability, so it could only last maybe 10 seconds. Since I can't think of how to sensibly 'craft' a flower, maybe it could spawn deep inside forest biomes when playing as Wendy, or you could create a seed for it out of a gold nugget and a bunch of petals?