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  1. Nice work. Thanks for link, but... what if this brake the copyright rule?
  2. (i'm from poland. sorry for my english)Those are my suggestions to you, dev, because i noticed that starving is a kind of VERY RARE death. Right? I never starved to death and I think other too (or not so many times as it should be). So, this is my feedback. Bump this thread and write your own ideas!THREAT WILL BE OFTEN EDIT BY ME SO LOOK HERE DAILY ;D1. You shouldn't eat for all time the same dishes. For each the-same-dish you get some kind of penalty - i don't know exactly what it will be.2. Randomly you should start with Vegetarian (20% chance per world), carnivore (20% chance p.w.) or normal man/woman (rest of 100%). Vegetarian has own nutritional needs and must be played another way than for example carnivore.3. bird trap is overpowered! you should catch a bird with LOWER chance.4. Seeds are overpowered! they give too much hunger points/they spawn too often.5. Water. Water. Water! (giant topic ;P)6. you should get hungry faster when working. with this version of don't starve I don't see any diffrence between hard working and staying in camp.7. you should have poisoning effect. i mean that you can randomly after eating some types of food get sick. in that case your hunger is increasing rapidly for... about... 3 days.8. in my humble opinion whole system of hunger is little bit easily constructed. i mean hunger should rise quicker.
  3. Me to! Please write ending soon as posible!
  4. Remember to dig up all sticky webbing from Your Majesty's land territory! Otherwise pigs will not travel so quickly and easily from coast to coast
  5. Wow, it is a fantastic story, man! (errr. pig? ) So continue this, please. And some questions to author of universum: [*]Why Your Majesty Pig King doesn't support you in war? It is a diplomatic trick because he was afraid of Spiders Queen Union (SQU)? [*]Are Spiders Queen Union after several failures sends his heralds (deputies) to Your Majesty and General Avelarius? [*]What with fortifications? Why you didn't build anythink? Is the Your Majesty not agree to the construction? It will make only pros, not cons! The border beetwen recovered territory and SQU will be safer and gives some bases to next campaings. (proposition of names to strongholds: Spidergrave, Hammerden, Fort Koalaphant etc.)