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  1. What do you think about Wigfrid?

    I hate her because she stole the position of being an playable character from Winnie !!!
  2. Wigfrid

    I can't believe they replace my lovely Winnie with this character !!!! I don't like Wigfrid's voice at all !!!
  3. Puzzle Thread

    I've been reading and seeing everybody try to solve the puzzle since the first page. well....tomorrow is the final right ?
  4. I would love Charlie as playable character. I love female character .
  5. Me tooI'm also very interested in her.I like female character.
  6. June 25th Preview Discussion

    Can anyone tell me the fastest way to unlock all the character ?I have only Wilson
  7. I think Wendy should gain some sanity when killing something too.
  8. It's raining cats and frogs.....oh....I....I mean "raining cats and dogs"
  9. I choose Wendy, I like her personality a lot and I want to play Winnie (if she is releasesd). I like girl character.
  10. Unimplented stuff

    Snowballs are for crafting snowman...... I think.....
  11. Omg, he knows...

    He doesn't know my cute Wendy.
  12. Easiest way to kill the deerclops!

    Deerclop's hp is lower than treeguard ?
  13. The mosquitoes are super fast I can't even click on them to examine
  14. No Beefaloes?

    I think they are rare now because I searched my world and found only 3 Beefalos p.s. there are 11 now because the mating season