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  1. I also post tread about this and notice it happen when using straw roll!
  2. I do some testing and when I use straw roll in summer everything is ok, but when I use it in winter clock change to this and stay at this form.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73779 Issue title Winter clock at summer Steps to reproduce In adventure after winter have summer with winter clock. Describe your issue Playing adventure world and 15 days after first winter I still have winter clock with large nights. I don't know if this is bug because nobody else complain about that. Last few days in winter I used straw roll, maybe that triggered bug?
  4. I'm playing adventure mod just to unlock sandbox custom and I notice weird bug, at least I think its bug. I manage to survive first summer and first winter but after that summer comes again with winter clock. Winter was ended in 21 or 22 day and I'm now in day 35 but still have winter time. Is that part of adventure mod or some bug? I want to see if someone notice that or just me before I create bug thread.
  5. The game is hard now but if you have little luck you will survive. I'm playing adventure now and and I'm at day 30 and I barely survive winter. When I start thinking it's over summer finally arrived! Playing adventure just to unlock sandbox custom options!
  6. How should unlock sandbox custom options? Must play adventure world or can be unlocked by playing sandbox with experience?