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  1. Did our refreshing just break the forums slightly? I remember this happening frequently during these puzzle threads before.
  2. Heeeyyy just realised that using the "ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM" changes the source code of the page: Note that it now states that the result is a success. Might be that we just need that last note and we're set!
  3. Alright, I'm going to start lurking until I can think of something productive. Here's a tune to keep you company: (slightly related to the puzzle)
  4. It definitely looks like some clockwork gears interlocking... Maybe we've got to think of something that's a sum of its parts, like all the seasons make a year together.. And no, that's not the answer.
  5. Inspecting the text boxes reveals that their names are "alone" and "together" respectively. Oh yeah, and there's this thing: Edit: Damn you guys are fast!
  6. Sounds a bit like MTG, to the point when it's kinda like, the same game I like the changes to it though. But how about something different regarding resources? Something like "you can play 1 resource card of each type during one turn. You can pay any number of playable cards to the table in a turn. Playing a card consumes resource cards enough to pay the card's cost." And then some kind of mechanic to "refine" resources... Like, 2 stone = 1 cut stone and so on (refined resources are used to pay for more advanced cards).Just throwing my ideas around I really like the notion, and if someone does this, I'm a real happy pumpkin.~Vel
  7. All righty then... Meddling with anagrams, from that "seek and you will find": "'A wind fell/A fell wind' - you sinked."~V
  8. I'm not offering that shady character anything until he proves that I'll get something worth my while. After all, we're just trying to make ends meet, the lot of us. Offering something beforehand would be terrible business!Consider this a challenge, Maxwell. Is that really the best name you could come up with after the old one became dreaded?~V
  9. That made me think... ..what was he trying to achieve in the first place? Maybe he lost someone, and wanted them back using SCIENCE! And then when he got offered the knowledge to do so, he couldn't refuse.Another thing, that clock on his wall looks an awful lot like a Tallbird to me. Clever.