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  1. Mysterious notes?

    Did our refreshing just break the forums slightly? I remember this happening frequently during these puzzle threads before.
  2. Mysterious notes?

    Heeeyyy just realised that using the "ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM" changes the source code of the page: Note that it now states that the result is a success. Might be that we just need that last note and we're set!
  3. Mysterious notes?

    Alright, I'm going to start lurking until I can think of something productive. Here's a tune to keep you company: (slightly related to the puzzle)
  4. Mysterious notes?

    It definitely looks like some clockwork gears interlocking... Maybe we've got to think of something that's a sum of its parts, like all the seasons make a year together.. And no, that's not the answer.
  5. Mysterious notes?

    Inspecting the text boxes reveals that their names are "alone" and "together" respectively. Oh yeah, and there's this thing: Edit: Damn you guys are fast!
  6. hello people

    What's this? A thread about welcoming and the conspiracy surrounding the elusive "female gamer"- group? Well, count me in on the discussion Welcome, enjoy your stay!And *shameless semi-self promotion* try out the dapper den if you (you two?) want to communicate with some of us insane persons via verbal exchange of "words".That's about it, really.~Vel
  7. Sorry again folks, I know I haven't been too too active lately. Hopefully I'll be able to start rambling with you guys again soon! This summer's been really hectic (and kinda fun), but I sure miss our inane conversations Smell you guys later!~Vel
  8. Sounds a bit like MTG, to the point when it's kinda like, the same game I like the changes to it though. But how about something different regarding resources? Something like "you can play 1 resource card of each type during one turn. You can pay any number of playable cards to the table in a turn. Playing a card consumes resource cards enough to pay the card's cost." And then some kind of mechanic to "refine" resources... Like, 2 stone = 1 cut stone and so on (refined resources are used to pay for more advanced cards).Just throwing my ideas around I really like the notion, and if someone does this, I'm a real happy pumpkin.~Vel
  9. Now we just need one more team to divide the masses!But sure, I'll support an evil child-eating goat "Santa" (might've misspelt that slightly, on purpose of course ) any time of the year!~Vel
  10. You know what pisses me off? Not being online for about a month and the program shutting me down the first instance I get there...~Vel
  11. I support this. New plating, something like gradually getting more "blingy"?~Vel
  12. When insane, Wes should be able to make a certain length invisible wall temporarily This could be handy when running away, it could stop the enemy that's chasing him, or have them take some damage. Y'know, imagination and all that.~Vel
  13. I like the idea of trophies for Wolfgang, maybe he would be able to craft heads on sticks and gain a sanity boost from them? It'd also be a ridiculously great idea to make him use the hambat more efficiently, since currently it's just a cool-looking spoiling spear..As for negative things, maybe make him gain naughty points more rapidly? Another idea would be to make the hounds spawn more frequently/in bigger waves, if that's not too complicated code-wise. I mean, as a bigger man he is easier to smell..Or then make him really fear the dark/cold, he may look tough on the outside, but he has his own "beliefs" about some stuff.~Vel
  14. I seriously think this should be in the videos/streams/such subforum rather than here, as this can be seen as advertising on this section... Nevertheless, I opt for WX-78, nobody seems to play him these days.~Vel
  15. I'm still sceptical about that poster on the left, I don't think the headline is just "butter". If you look closely, you can see that the last line has another "A" at the start, which puts the middle line of text too far right. I think it has something to do with Wolfgang, but that's just a hunch without any definite information.~Vel