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  1. A giant should be an event, something you fear. 100% for this.
  2. I think a rope and a spear would still be pretty inexpensive, a little extra for the spear would be a bit better, unless the damage would get a nerf, My original idea was using your spear as a ranged attack and the poblem being picking it up, even more so if you miss, but seeing how the AI works, picking it up would not be to hard, this would be odd but what if the spear stuck to the monster and did not drop till the monster died? It would be odd, but it would stop people from playing to much of a ranged game.
  3. Thanks for the thoughts, I never thought of the idea of a throwing spear being its own craft, and that would make it much more balanced.
  4. In case you are wondering how to throw the spear, it would be right click, rocks would be kind of problematic considering you can not equip them.
  5. So I was thinking of a new way to deal damage, as said in the tittle, what if you could throw spears and rocks?A thrown spear deals 75 damage (same as a tentacle spike) when it strikes an enemy, Moves in a perfectly straight line going a debatable distance, Upon hitting an enemy it loses 10% durabilityA throw rock is destroyed on impact and would do the same damage as punching something (I do not know the exact damage, I think it is somewhere around 10?) I am not good at modding things, so if there is anyone who could possibly pull this off feel free to. I think it would be nice to get things like gobblers early with out using a pan flute or dart, or for finishing off an enemy you are to afraid to go near to.
  6. Sadly I am the last person you would ask for modding, or a modding recommendation, I would send a question to some of the more well known modders here, I am sure some of them will have answers
  7. So while I enjoy the idea of adventure mode, I feel it has some serious issues, I know its in development and will be much more fleshed out in the future, and that is why I am posting this to share my ideas because I have many and I am curious to see what other people have to say too. So here is my biggest complaint- The wooden thing is WAY to easy to find, this is mainly because all the pieces are near each other and if you spend a day looking for it, chances are you will find it. This would be fine for world one and two, but for world 3 and onward I feel the pieces should be spread to being on a different island each, and in 4 or 5 some if not all the pieces are being guarded or carried by some kind of large threat, like a spider queen or something (there would be a clear indication that the mob would be holding the piece of course) This would make the adventure more eventful and longer-next is a more obvious change, I feel as worlds go on they should become more unexplored and barren. To the point where world 5 does not even have things like pig villages or lush forests. And what mobs you find there peaceful desperate and hostile, and have more hound attacks more often, Like in world 3 its every 5 days, and world 5 its every day or every other day.-I also feel spiders should get more and more feral as you continue, In early worlds they are fine the way they currently are but in later ones make spider warriors spawn 90% of the time instead of normal spiders, and then possibly in world 5 they just never sleep and remain a constant threat.-Later worlds should also have much more night time threats, Things that you have to defend your fire from (I know we got the night hand now but that's only when insane and could you imagine dealing with both hands and some kind of hostile monster? Nights would sure be much more eventful) Also make it much less safe to go off with a torch or mining light in later worlds, considering as of now there are no real threats out there-The crawling horrors are said to be from another world right? So I think it would be cool to see them spawn quicker and become more hostile in later worlds, like in world 5 make them hostile once insanity has reached less than 80% or make them hostile all the time (I think that would be a little over kill) - This is a more lesser thing but I think it could be interesting, what if say around world 3 or 4 you had to fight the wood thing is some way shape or form, I do not know if this would work out to well considering the game does not have the best combat (But that's fine considering I know that is not the main focus of the game), But I feel if done right it would be really cool and could test the player mid way through. Perhaps just have it defended by a circle of Tentacles while having a projectile attack, does not need to be to complicated if done, that thing just always looked menacing to me-And lastly I would like some kind of final showdown with Maxwell in some way shape or form, Perhaps a wave of enemies or some kind of boss fight, or one last world where its a survival game between you and him with the scales tipped in his favor, like he has a revolver if you get to close, Guard hounds and perhaps slight manipulation of the world around him. And if you beat him you could get some kind of great reward for the next new game you start (would only apply once, adventure mode would have to be completed again to start a new world with it again) Like a revolver that hits like a tentacle or spear from a distance, but requires amo that is a bit hard to craft (Like 15 charcoal and some other things to make 4 bullets)So that's what I would like to see, I am sure some of these are ideas every one has thought of but just felt like putting them out there, Love the game currently and I am sure I will love it even more with what ever choices the developers make
  8. So I thought of the possibility of this becoming a mod at some point and have so idea-Sanity caps at 50-Faster movement speed-possibly faster attack speed-Loses sanity from killing creatures like rabbits, pigs, and beefalo (they are his "friends" after all)-Sanity does not slowly go up at day, nor does it go down at night-(possibly) Regains sanity from eating monster meat but still takes damage from it, perhaps he could also gain sanity from attacking monsters but again I don't know if that would make sense.
  9. Hey great mod, This makes living near a pig village so much nicer since I can go around and do things during full moons and not have to set up another camp, Also it makes hunting more easy. Thanks a lot I now look forward to full moons