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  1. This 'forgetting' mechanism can be countered by 'documentation' - a new functionality giving papyrus legitimacy as a valuable resource! :DSo far, they're only used to make bird cages (which isn't very useful since the "even seeds rot" update - before it was almost a way to store food in a preservative manner - now, I don't know why I'd ever build one besides for aesthetics - maybe for as crock-pot filler? Oh wait, you can't! LOL).
  2. Hi Kevin, I haven't actually been grinding my research numbers. Instead, I've fed the machine the red-zone foods in my fridge when convenient. It's like the only aspect of a play-through I can keep even after death, which I find very nice. One aspect that makes dying undesirable but not too devastating (imagine dying at Day 381, yup) as to make people RAGE QUIT is how everything except one's recipes and research reset. This is cool; this continuation of knowledge left by my last attempt is something like a legacy and really separates this game from mini-arcade-stuff-there-be-no-end on Newgrounds [which isn't as fun, and feels like a waste of time]. While I don't like the coming changes as much because of the taking out of any sort of linkage between one survival attempt and the next; Research Points and Recipes, I can see the angle the developers are coming from (killing grinding etc). And as a game developer, you know what's best. Still, I'd like to make a suggestion to consider: Make check-boxes in settings such as "Recipe carry-over (to next world if you hop worlds)" so we can play the game in the way we most love . This lets the hardcore survivalist have his start-over at the same time lets Mr. Greedy have his legacy. Let me know what you think, Arc