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  1. Thaaank you Bryce, SethR and the gang. @Strangerdanger101 Spoilers, please?
  2. How is 'more beard=more lives'? It's 'not freezing quite as fast'. Also it's 'off with the beard=more lives'.
  3. Hm. Try then [steam]\userdata\**your client number**\219740 in steam root directory.Also: did you use or disable the cloud saving?It can be controlled via steam or directly via the settings.ini in [steam]\steamapps\common\dont_starveby setting DISABLECLOUD = true.The steam client should be restarted as well.
  4. Sure and easy way:Open Username\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save and fire away
  5. Not highjacking the thread: Thanks for the nice welcome! [MENTION=6805]LtShinySides[/MENTION]My lurk meter was on 100% so I thought I should invest in a quick hint.
  6. Restart Steam. That is all.For me it just did a 17.8 MB Update.