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  1. now that cute right there hahahhaha he doesn't look evil or bad he looks like a cute inocent puppy
  2. even i have to say that piece of art is cute hahahh
  3. yeah i did the same but i killed them and madded a top hat not any more now they spawn spider.W
  4. yay for winter this is my main world its getting destroyed a LOT because of hounds dam hounds also don't live near spider nests (backpack) they try to kill you a lot
  5. same here the form is creepy at times but its nice and cool at the same time
  6. "Spider Queen eats her husband after mating." O_o too much detail - - - Updated - - - also with the idea of making it like this " 'Grue, breakfast is ready!'', Maxwell shouted as I was upstairs sleeping under Krampus's bed. It was nice and comfy there, and I was to tired to leave. But no one says ''no'' for breakfast. Not for Maxwell." its a good plan
  7. maybe you can make one of Wilson hugging chester to keep warm?
  8. Q for grue : if your brothers with Krampus and cousins with a Spider Queen how r the family meals (carnage?)?
  9. ok i saw that piece of art iam scared to look back at it ahahahahha good art tho
  10. just.....just ... i dont know any more.... *looks at door* iam out for today or a week my brain need to heal from this thread (i got to say tho iam having fun reading thro these hahah)
  11. Q (for both of you Maxwell and grue) : now that Wilson can go insane what's the funniest thing you have seen him do