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  1. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Would happen sooner or later. I mean. We can't expect Klei to work on this game forever. we've had 3 DLCs in total that completely overhauls the game. its outdated, its old, especially when you look at the sequel DST compared. Plus, its almost a decade old. it started in 2012. I bet the coding is even a mess after all of these years. Since DST also exists they don't have the time to work on both games. And clearly since DST makes more money, has more players they have bigger plans for that than DS. So if DS dies. then so be it. It has had its run. They can always fix it in the future if they choose to. But to me i think its time to move on for now.
  2. [Game Update] - 369546

    That's right, now they'll cut you in cookie shapes
  3. Clearly Maxwell should be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Now that's what I call a magician. How do they do it!?
  4. I hate to be that guy when this whole rework caused hell on earth. But. I think making Goose able to swim just completely neglects boats. Wanna find lunar island? Just let the funny gooseman do it for you. Who needs to go sailing? idk, i'm iffy about it. But all the other changes are great.
  5. Just you wait until they change up the meta characters. Its going to cause a riot.
  6. Well yeah its a rework. Not like chopping had a danger anyways. Plus getting easier spawns for tree guards is a treat.
  7. Am i hearing Monty Python's lumberjack song theme in Woodie's short when he's chopping trees? sneaky.. very sneaky.
  8. Yeahhh they should've put him on beta for at least a week. everything is hell as of now.
  9. oof, boy oh boy everything sure got turned into a fire in mere minutes. TBF, i don't know what to feel. I mean, i *feel* like people are overreacting just a tad bit. While yes, Woodie has gotten a drastic change and obviously needs some tweaking and i can understand why people are not very happy because he is VERY different from his old version. But i mean he just came out, we've all probably went into a new world and have hardly played him like a normal character. Though yes i'd say the were meter is very very fast at draining i think that's my slight nitpick as of now. But i wouldn't want an easy character either so i can understand why there are these side effects as well.
  10. Still no bigfoot backpack klei. Never forget.
  11. Can anyone send me old Warbucks speech file?

    This is what i could find. i remember seeing them in the Warbucks' writting Dilemma topic. you know, the one that actually started it all.
  12. Hamlet (Consoles)

    The man has spoken. finally, we can let this rest for a while. and i won't be a dirty rotten skeleton sitting on my chair.
  13. I had this funny idea of what Woodie's lore could be. lets say he got the *canadian curse* which is the reason why he's a such a stereotype, he grew a "beard" and became ginger (and since Kevin actually stated that the beard may not be even made out hair. which is really odd). and it would also make sense because of Lucy, for you see.. Every 'Canadian' has a werebeaver curse and a talking axe . its just facts eh? perhaps canadians aren't humans.. but a different race of beavers, disguising as us. i'mma need my tinfoil hat for this one.
  14. Hamlet (Consoles)

    i'd say it was more of a passive aggressive message. you kind of are though, its just bickering saying they're greedy or they left the DS people in the mud, pinging the devs to get our attention, asking for more content yadda yadda yadda. the EA thing was just to put the point across they're a huge company, it wasn't about the douchebaggery about em. we all know that about them. We should be happy for what we got, even without the season stuff i'm still having a blast playing hamlet.
  15. Hamlet (Consoles)

    You people have been asking for MONTHS dude! About Klei's attention, about the content, about it being unfinished. i think they know by now that they screwed up, That we want more content for hamlet but come the hell on give em some space. time ran faster than they hoped for all of the stuff they wanted to put in and that's that. we can't ask for more as of now. they're humans just like us, they're not a gigantic company that can throw stuff out every month like EA or something with their big teams everywhere. they just do not simply have the time for it. And they know, and you should know by now too. Honestly can we just lock this thread? Shootem got his answer and its another topic that got swallowed by this argument that has been running for too long.And i am honestly sick of talking about it.