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  1. Alright.. not to sound impatient. But this is/was the last week for a big hamlet update to come out of march.. and we've only had 1 update so far throughout of march... Now, i know you're very hard working on it Klei. But, a statement would be nice to know what's happening as of now, if we'll get it throughout of april, or if it'll get delayed if needed. I'm just being concerned if this is too much for you to chew. EDIT: I never said this! this never happened alright?! i'm so sorry i ever doubted you klei
  2. [Game Update] - 317078

    oooohhh you sneakity snake, thought you could just bring us an update out of nowhere HUUUuuhhh???
  3. New character this month

    Seeing Wortox being added is like seeing Webber for the first time in the RoG snow teaser trailer when he also was an unimplemented character.
  4. I do like the new blue tint color for temperate a bit more. Because, i don't want hamlet to be as bright as SW, or as dark as DS. but more in a... whaddya say, relaxed? in like a mix between the two, purple, blue, dark orange/red like lush. Because i do think it fits more in with the jungle theme of rainforest-y tropical. Side note: HOWEVER. if there's one thing i want to see again, its the pig ruins having their tint color like in the E3 trailer. i mean look at it. It's absolutely gorgeous. Again, purple tint. Instead it doesn't really look like it has a tint, its like autumn DS tint now.
  5. oh boy. where's the update thread: The 2nd coming.
  6. i'd just like to point out, since i listened to the last hamlet stream they ARE making changes to all the seasons including aporkalypse. Season changes: new perks and challenges alike, this can also mean for a lot of new things like creatures, but don't quote me on it. However, i want more creatures as well. Remember, just because it is IN the gamefiles, doesn't mean it'll get added, it's likely that the zebra is unused and scrapped, the same with the pig children, the red pig guards, the different pig flags, baby spidermonkey. Remember slipstor? Remember the snowman? All i'm saying is don't hold your breath. HOWEVER. one thing is definitely weird. and that is a lot of the music that is not added in yet, and maybe its because they didn't *like* the idea of a third jungle... but then.. why have a track called exactly that... Or the pig city theme, i'm really interested in it as well. They didn't really state it anywhere as well... so.. It could also be the reason that the music is not done yet(?) and they're still working on it, like the temperate theme. Or pugalisk
  7. Update?

    They expect to get the content out in phases throughout of march, though its possible also through the start april if they can't phase it all out through march.
  8. Update?

    I'm far from new actually. But from what i've seen Klei always delivers at the right time? Or have i missed something. if something is delayed they have usually spoken to us about it. but here its just been silence so far. I actually do feel a little bit annoyed today.. jeez. maybe i should just relax a little bit because i am very very thankful for klei but here i just sound like an annoyed child.
  9. Update?

    Alright i know that devs HATES when people ask for an ETA on an update for their game but. I'm just becoming a little bit irritated when haven't heard anything since the roadmap. its been 4 weeks since then and 5 weeks since the last big update. That's not usual compared to the update schedule. It's pretty much a guessing game at this point at which thursday is going to be the big day. We don't really have a countdown unlike like the other updates except the wormwood one. This also creates false hype when you think and update will be out because its pretty much the normal DS update shedule. I'd be fine if we didn't get an update yesterday with some information saying that its not ready yet, or we'll have to wait next week. Maybe i do have a little bit of anger in me because of it, so i'm sorry if it sounds that way. I just want some information how the development is going. Or i guess i'm just whining too much and I should just let Klei do their thing behind the scenes.
  10. This. So much this. This would actually make it more challenging to find the clock or any secret room- first of all more rewarding, there's actually a reason to use the magnifying glass because you don't want to use it on a fake door. and it just makes more sense. Using the pillars for that sort of stuff just ruins (pun intended) the mechanic of using a magnifying glass at all on them, or even explosives. And it wont be as much as a breeze to find the clock the first time because you gotta spare up those resources for gunpowder, cocobombs and whatnot.
  11. [Game Update] - 311861

    @Jason Not to bother you or anything. But since we don't really have a countdown anymore for the updates. Can you tell us wether a CONTENT* update will drop tomorrow.. ooorrr next week, or when you feel like it. Just to make sure we're clear and not confused.