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  1. Could you just imagine if you fell because of a damn vine while being chased by 20 beetles. This aint no horror movie about tripping on everything. actually.. Hmmmmm... the possibilities
  2. That guy's suggestion sounds handsome.
  3. You do realise that a lot of the deaths are from this right? Ever since don't starve has existed it has always had these "sudden deaths" that you didn't expect. Deerclops. no one thought what that was when it came out, heck you didn't even know if it existed in winter Unless you read the wiki. EVEN WINTER, for the first time in don't starve you would not know if winter was a thing, you would die by freezing because you didn't expect it. Unless you watched youtube or read the wiki. but i bet no one saw it coming if it was their was time playing the game. You can't just progress through don't starve without dying once. The same with hamlet. You'll learn more and more the more you play and die. That's the experience. It's the complete same deal with hamlet. You ain't gonna do the whole game in your first go.
  4. Hamlet will never feel truly done until i get a dawn/dusk track for hamlet and no vanilla's DS music. (plz give me more soundtrack, i love it.)
  5. Jungle Burrs

    I think if there's wind it would be mixed with flying/gliding jungle burrs, maybe a few or more flying around the way the wind is going and then you can grab em or use a bug net to get one, while all the others will plant themselves somewhere
  6. Rabid Beetles Too Rabid

    Or you know, you could also make a bugspray.
  7. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    I don't see the problem, neither with his skin tone (I frankly thinks it gives him more personality like all the others) nor with his speechlines. History is history, i don't see why we need to censor it, even if its awful and bad history. Plus, it also makes his character more interesting, than just this rich british guy.
  8. Someone stop the Beetles!

    Use a bug spray. Seriously, hamlet's supposed to be more difficult than the base game, why do we have to try and nerf everything that makes it a challenge?
  9. Don't worry this ain't a nerf this or nerf that with the aporkalypse thread, i actually quite like the aporkalypse, so much god damn chaos as it should have. What I THINK however is that the aporkalypse is very tame, and not tame as in what happens in it, i mean tame as in atmospheric. See, i think the aporkalypse should have a big introduction when it appears. Not just "oh its red now" imagine if the screen fades to black for a moment, then *ZING* the screen goes completely red and straightly goes back to normal (normal as in red tint) BIG thunderous roars and creepy ambience happens at the same time and right after... You would hear a big herald roar that echoes through the world. This isn't a season where a new color can just happen right after next season. This is something that should TELL you you're gonna die. Sh*ts about to go down. (We also need more creepy ambience while the aporkalypse is happening, not just total silence at times.) (Okay maybe this was very badly explained but i hope you know what i mean.
  10. They're supposed to be short. it ain't a bug.
  11. So, if you haven't found the damn clock in about all of the hell you have to go through while getting the resources you need to survive for what you need to go through. You're basically screwed. Not only are we gonna have to go into jungles at humid season WHILE it rains aka fog to get the nettles. This is really something to be scared of. Klei want us dead.
  12. well, anyone is still sure hamlet is too easy? The new update is klei's response to that.
  13. Probably more. sometimes it takes longer
  14. Welcome to waiting for updates in Europe. It sucks but we can't do much about it.