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  1. OH hell yes! Definitely getting this RIGHT NOW. EDIT: Hey you couldn't tell me the water entrance prefab quickly could you? x3
  2. - UPDATE - Haven't been drawing on the bee thing lately BUT i can assure you i am still working on it with different characters, pigs and lots and LOTS OF MORE BEES!! I just have a question really, what characters would you like to see? I'll make a poll Let me tell you these piece is gonna be like the beepocalypse.
  3. Eyyyy eyyy EEEYYYYYYYYYyyy everyone! Back! been a bit silent (Again, but ya know, school and stuff.) Still working on that bee thing ya know! So i might as well give ya a sneak peek of it! (How exciting!) I'm ALSO updating the thread with my o'l stuff I have posted on this forum, some unfinished, some old ones, and maybe some wacky doodles.
  4. the quacken attacks!

    I like how this thread just rised up from it's grave after like half a year x3. Really? Dark horse comics? Wow, that's, that's an honor i would say. I don't see ANY resemblance tho. But still thank you!
  5. Thank yooouu! thank you for the support! Although it is a nice suggestion, i'll probably make it in the future. But the next one is gonna BEE very interesting, because this one might probably STING. I'm sorry if these puns are BUGging you too much. Edit: Btw did i overdo the shadows a liiittle too much?
  6. Welcome Fellow starvers! After years and years of thinking if i should make my own art thread, well, Today is the day. I've always been very quiet on this forum, but to this day i shall no longer be QUIET! I'll keep on adding arts now and then. so let's start shall we!? I will also gladly take suggestions as well <3 Update: Have updated the thread with old, new, unfinished, Doodles, AND some ideas for DS i had some time ago. New: (Sneak peek!) Old/new: The forgotten archives: Old ideas:
  7. Okay so uhm, 2nd puzzle, i'm confused about it. i know me and my partner needs to be sync about the tiles, but when do I press the button? when we're both ready with the tiles or when all of the dots are glowing? Which we can't do either. is the button some sort of way to communicate?
  8. the quacken attacks!

    Im glad that you people like it :3
  9. Yeah, i was pretty bored and since the new update release the quacken got released, i made this! (this may will be a spoiler for SW if you haven't seen the new boss.)
  10. don't you just hate that midget, that eats your pizza? yeah, heh, me neither.

  11. Omg if you look at the shipwrecked logo in the middle computer. Under wilson theres tentacles!! Could this mean??!!
  12. Drok the Caveman

    what about a sleep cave, that you can sleep in, you can only sleep in it in 3 day's and then it will collapse, and when its collapsed you can repair with stone, and then you can sleep in it again. It will take 10 stones to repair it.
  13. We're Live!

    good work klei i love the game but i played in adventure mode in world 1 and then the most weirdest thing ever happend to me: frog rain and i was just WHAT THE FREAK! do anyone know that:frog rain?