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  1. Not sure if I'm the only one (I think I heard other people mention it.)

    But is anyone else having odd things happening to their world ever since the new update? I've been getting 20 pig houses really close to each other (and on a tiny path no less, poor Chester got stuck in the sea of houses) or odd positions of objects? I found 9 carrots in a square shape (3x3) and a little further on, the same but with grass.

    Just was wondering if this is normal (not complaining... Free protection from hounds and food is great!)

    Also my opinion on insanity... didn't go past 70 but even then I was at the edge of my seat going "DayTimeDayTimeDayTime!!"... I only got to see white eyes blink from the corner of the screen... not in the mood to see what else I'd find. Ah, I also found the Koalephant! I love it <3 It's so cute and the snoring is sort of relaxing in it's odd way... unlike the beefalo's which is annoying (THAT would cause you to go insane out of game... 1 of annoying enough, but a whole herd just makes you regret setting up camp)...

    Trying to corner it though is a pain... I got it in...

    It went "Hell naw" and just ran off into the sunset.