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  1. Multiplayer or not, Don't Starve is Don't Starve. I am tired of games pandering to casuals and permadeath should definitely be kept.
  2. My Mactusks spawn in savannahs or nearby savannahs at least 80% of the time, and as long as they haven't aggroed onto you the hounds will automatically aggro onto any nearby beefalo (which you can drag them to via Mactusk automatically following you), which if there is more than one, will start a chain reaction that ends in Mactusk getting brutally murdered by beefalo and you not getting hit once. The aggro trick works on any animals but I prefer beefalo. Pengulls can kick his butt, too. I have also seen tallbirds kill him once or twice. This is what makes the King of Winter stage much easier. Free Tam O' Shanters and Walking sticks for everyone!
  3. I know that it was a joke thread, I was using it as an example to show how little titles really mean by showing that someone got one just by making a joke about it.
  4. I don't know why some superficial title given out for random and sometimes stupid reasons (like when the koalaphant guy got one just because he made a thread asking for one) matters so much. I never cared and I fail to understand why others do. If you could, an explanation would be a kind thing for you to do. Maybe if you could try and explain why you want a customized title, it could help enlighten me more on the minds of forum users, a subject that has evaded me for a while.
  5. You can't change characters with the tent anymore . It has been that way for a long time. Those were the good old days, even though there were only like 4 characters.
  6. Cmon everybody now, can't you hear the wind blow?We want this thread to expand, it's making people's heads explode
  7. It looks pretty cool. If I was rich, then I would buy it. Unfortunately, I spent it all on buying movies on PSN. I don't trust Netflix so it was my only option that was easy for lazy people like me.
  8. I am not one for making huge bases and staying a long time in a particular world. Hell, I have never even crafted a shadow manipulator, I never got enough nightmare fuel or never found a treeguard in the times I wanted to make one. I could just beat 3 worlds with the secret character and then get enough nightmare fuel, though.
  9. ART AND LORE SUBFORUM MOTHER****ERS! Sorry about that, it gets to me when people blatantly disregard the different subforums and just assume that they put everything in general discussion.
  10. I don't know why but that picture reminds me of Sander Cohen from Bioshock.
  11. If Don't Starve multiplayer was added, the world would end, meteor showers would strike the earth, and Nazis would once again ride on dinosaurs!
  12. People like you make me sick! Jk, but seriously, stop reviving old threads. That goes for everyone.
  13. Ah, okay. I wasn't sure and didn't want to offend you. I will make a future note of that on the notepad I keep on my computer desk because I work from home and make lots of notes and connect them with red threads on the wall like Sherlock Holmes while I ponder various conspiracies.
  14. Thanks! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Someone needs to give this man(?) the artsy badge!
  15. I am a walrus, I think I would know what I am talking about. And even if you were right, it wouldn't negate the impressiveness of me typing with my tusks and using my small flipper to maneuver the mouse,
  16. This is pretty great. Greater than frosted flakes. I did notice a distinct lack of walrus in your art, though.
  17. At this point, is Maxwell even doing bad? I mean, Wes was clearly already living in a dump. He didn't seem to have much to live for. He might even prefer the Don't Starve world to his previous one.
  18. Hey I am a bisexual masochistic walrus accountant, not a Pedo-Walrus. There is a difference, you discriminating jerk!
  19. Wow, judgmental much. Who are you to say what is right and wrong. I thought Wendy was a child, but then I figured it didn't matter or that I was wrong. But either way, I did put a disclaimer.
  20. I have a story too. Disclaimer: The following story is somewhat crass and filled with adult content. You were warned.
  21. So, what exactly was the point of this? I guess this is where Eduard Khil went all these years. And I thought he was dead.
  22. You might want to change his language a bit. I don't know what this game is rated (can't be higher than T), but I don't think that a character saying stuff like, "Rain protection is for *******", or, "Goddamnit!" Just seems a little too strong, and a little too brash for this game. Also, this game is set in the 20's, while he sounds like he is some 12 year old in modern times.
  23. These look pretty cool! Can't wait for more! I wonder if there is any possibility of you doing Mactusk and/or son, or even bunnymen.
  24. Oh, man; what a cliffhanger! I can't wait for more! This story has quite a lot of potential, I hope to see it thrive.