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  1. I'm still learning about audio stuff, also the first 2 episodes I was using a very poor quality mic; after that its better....unless you're talking about in general in which case I'll have to go fiddle with stuff!
  2. It is! I used to play one, and I always thought they were awesome even after I stopped playing Warcraft.
  3. Hey look, I recorded myself playing Don't Starve; how original! Slightly more serious, I finally convinced myself to start recording so heres my first real series if anyone would want to watch; This is the first set of recording where something didn't go horribly wrong forcing me to stop with it. Maybe you'll watch, feel free to comment even if its telling me how bad and/or dumb I am, criticism is good regardless! Learning! I do plan to add other stuff to the channel when appropriate
  4. Sandbox, I'll stay away from story until its a bit more finished. I ended up exploring the map 100% over the course of 22 days, no king. I was then beaten to death by tentacles so hopefully the next world has one. I needs my gold tools...
  5. I didn't know the forest bit, i knew they spawned in grasslands it didnt click that they've always been in grasslands in forests until just now. Also sadly that last 10% is in a rather frighteningly large swamp biome...
  6. I haven't seen a definitive answer for this as far as I've looked but; can a world not have a pig king? I've explored 90%+ of the current map I'm on and still no pig king, strikes me as odd...maybe I'm just bad at searching.