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  1. Hi, I couldn't find an appropriate place to post my ideas/requests so hopefully here is ok. Idea/request 1: inventory auto-location of item types (customizable?) By which I mean that food goes in certain slots only, tools in others, weapons in others, etc. Ideally this would be customizable. Because I find it really frustrating wondering which slot my (for example) axe has gone into this time. (Or is there already a way to control this? If so, I am desperate to know it.) Idea/request 2: (and this also may exist somewhere but my web searches have so far not revealed it) A guide to playing using the keyboard only (not mouse). Thanks very much!
  2. Yeah, maybe when you play the game for too long at a time. This actually happened to me in real life. Discovered the game 3 days ago & have been up all night for the past 3 nights.