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  1. Feats of the World (Achievements!)

    Feats for you to achieve!
    This mod adds Feats (you may know them as Achievements!) to Don't Starve. The list of feats can be viewed in the feats screen, by clicking the "Feats" button next to the "Morgue" button when loading a save game.
    Feats can also be viewed in-game, via the Accomplishment Shrine.
    The mod is currently a work in progress. There are currently a handful of achievements, but I plan on adding a handful of new achievements on a weekly basis.
    Challenges completed before installing Feats will not register, and will have to be redone to trigger an achievement.
    Feel free to suggest new feats!
    Thanks to @Blueberrys for the persistent data module that helped make this mod possible!




  2. A Mortal King! (Killable Pig King)

    Discuss here:!-%28Powers-Update%29**************************************************
    He is now a mere mortal!
    Tip: Murder the Pig King!
    His subjects will protect him!
    Tip: Avoid murdering the Pig King in front of pigmen!
    Wear the crown of the Pig King!
    Tip: On death, the Pig King drops loot, including his magical crown!
    Loot! Lots and lots of loot!
    Tip: Murdering the Pig King will yield lots of resources. But at what cost?
    A magical crown!
    Tip: A new Pig King can be crowned, but only on if certain conditions are met...

    Changes in the works currently:
    Other (interesting) things!
    Known Bugs:
    None, yet...

    The 'ceremony' has been changed. For a new pig king to be crowned,
    a pigman must be slain whilst wearing the crown, then the crown
    must be placed onto a pigman during any night.
    The crown now gives you pig followers of all kinds, but at the cost of sanity and hunger!
    King loot has been lowered a little bit.
    The Pig King looks dead when he dies now!
    A new King can be crowned only during a new moon! (There will be more to this later.)
    Pig King now drops gold nuggets, meat, trinkets, and his crown.
    The Pig King's crown is now wearable!
    Sounds/anims when attacking the Pig King!
    Pig King is mortal! He can be killed now.
    Pigmen do not appreciate you killing the Pig King.




  3. Character - Wilton

    Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers!

    Wilton, one of the hidden characters, is now playable, with his own special powers!
    Download below, or download either of 2 mirrors:
    Mirror 1: This version of the mod includes HUNGER, unlike the normal version.
    Mirror 2: WIP version for my own testing. Don't complain if this one doesn't work correctly.
    Discuss here:
    Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum health.
    Tip: Avoid combat unless heavily armored.
    Has a whopping 35 (thirty-five) maximum sanity.
    Tip: Be sure to keep your sanity from dropping too low.
    Does not starve, and cannot eat anything but flowers.
    Tip: Don't eat anything else, it's as easy as that.
    Respawns at a random skeleton on the map when he dies.
    Tip: You never know how many lives you may have, so be careful.
    Can dig up bones and occasionally skeletons from gravemounds.
    Tip: Be careful digging graves, your sanity will drop quickly.
    Has a cool boomerang.
    Tip: Be sure to catch it, or you'll likely kill yourself!
    Does not do well in the cold.
    Tip: Stay close to home.
    Spawns with an eyebone and his good friend Chester.
    Tip: Store your spoils in Chester!

    Changes in the works currently:
    Known Bugs:

    VERSION CHANGELOG1.6All bugs fixed! (That I am aware of.)Amulets/touchstones/effigies all work properly now, with any character!Wes no longer speaks because of the mod being active.There will no longer be duplicate eyebones and bone-a-rangs.1.5Wilton gets his boomerang and eyebone back when he respawns!Wilton can eat flowers to regain health, but they lower his sanity some.Wilton now has 35 health instead of 20. Same for sanity.Rain makes you go insane a little quicker than usual.1.4Wilton spawns with a special boomerang! It is currently bugged but usable.Wilton doesn't eat anymore. A spiffy respawn sound effect.Some compatibility issues fixed! For "Dem Bones", and theoretically other mods.A WIP character portrait.A special version of Wilton that actually eats and so forth can be found under 'mirrors'.1.3Dig up bones and skeletons from graves, and never worry about ghosts!Removed the hunger meter, since you don't go hungry. Relocated the insanity meter to where the hunger meter was.1.2Other characters no longer get Wilton's reanimation perk!Maximum health and sanity are now tuned at 20 each.Respawn from skeletons spread throughout the map!Winter is very dangerous for Wilton!Wilton now uses the proper strings!1.1Hunger no longer goes down.Wilton now has very little health and sanity.Wilton will no longer starve.Wilton will spawn with a friend.




  4. Character - Wail

    Wail is a possessed character with his own perks and weaknesses!

    Wail, The Possessed

    This character is *VERY* in-progress, but there's certainly enough there to release it as playable.
    Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!
    Has 60 max hunger, 200 max sanity, and 130 max health.
    Tip: Keep an eye on your hunger.
    Becomes fully possessed when fully insane.
    Tip: Strange things happen when you become fully possessed.

    Changes in the works currently:
    Finish the strings.
    Way more possession effects.
    A unique item for Wail.

    VERSION CHANGELOG1.0The first version!