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  1. My friend linked me to some screenshots of his current world. He found this just naturally hangin around in the world: he found two of these, actually. Anyone else find something like this? Sorry if this is old news, I haven't played around in Adventure yet, so this is pretty cool to me
  2. Not to mention, they break the sacred MimeCode when they encounter an impossible task! There's only one rule in Mime and that's SHH.
  3. Not sure if it's a bug (probably?) but when you hit the dead trees, they collapse, you get a pinecone, etc, but the pile of sticks disappears. I figured we weren't able to get the single log out of dead trees anymore, but as I was using the shovel to dig up some grass, Wes ran over to where the tree had been and dug up a log. Tried it twice with the same result. Hidden logs, you guys!
  4. Speaking for myself, I'm not demanding the devs do anything. Yeah, I'm complaining, but I'm allowed to air my grievances with the update. I know stuff changes and I'm adapting to the update. I'm just in the habit of clearing out spider nests because I'd rather do it early on than wait for them to become a huge problem lolSometimes it's just cathartic to vent about something, even if it's trivial. People do that. Sometimes it's taken to the extreme, but for the most part, it's unfair to say everyone who nitpicks about the update is whining and demanding it be changed back.
  5. How do you do that, then? I'm not able to play on Steam, and I don't know if you can manipulate files and such in Chrome.If there's a way to, I'd really like to know! I know it's a dumb thing to nitpick, but I really do want the old noise back
  6. That's what I thought sanity would be adding. A sort of judgement error in the character, like fresh food appears spoiled or rotten and they can't eat it while they've got low sanity or something.The meter goes down a little too fast, honestly. Just in clearing out spider dens, I'll have to pick flowers/otherwise fill my sanity probably twice as often as I'll ever need to eat in the same amount of time. And jumping through wormholes twice depletes sanity by something like 80 points (roughly. Don't quote me on that, I'm probably wrong about the exact number )
  7. Is...is it considered a swear on the forum? I laughed really hard when I saw it was asterisk'd outThis is the first time I've seen anyone mention it, honestly
  8. I kinda miss the old noise. I liked that one more. Any reason behind the change?Does the noise change based on how filling the food you consume is? (heartier foods, bigger noise?)
  9. So I was jumping between save files, and I hadn't had any characters die yet. I was testing out insanity with Wendy and she got killed by the weird night monsters (after only a day) and then I see the Level Cap screen. I...don't understand how I have Wes unlocked already (not that I'm complaining!)
  10. There's gonna be a story mode and stuff when the game's finished, so I really hope we get to learn more about the characters!
  11. Ophelia is a character who committed suicide by drowning. Hence, lake.