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  1. In this episode we set out to hunt a Koalefant, as winter has been quite nippy and it's been weeks since our nipples softened out. (One can only be stiff chested for so long before the whole experience becomes tiresome.) Additionally we run through the basic aspects of winter survival, including drying racks and the use of heat stones to supplement time away from the camp fire. Bunnies are hunted liberally and devoured voraciously.
  2. We begin our desperate scramble to overcome an early winter. With dwindling, unprepared, and an all around skimp selection of foodstuffs we set out to make sure we can survive the upcoming 15 days. Traps are created and we begin to jerk animals fleshy hides for our consumption.
  3. In this episode we continue looking for alternative lifestyle inclined marble, and attempt to clear out the rest our map space. Unfortunately winter makes an appearance and cuts our enjoyment of the sunny weather short. Time to make preparations!
  4. In this episode we tiptoe through the tulips in the most promiscuous sort of ways. We seek out enemies galore, nearly get killed and come back with a fistful of goodies to continue our adventures across this unnamed island. A strange door makes an appearance.
  5. In this episode, we strike out from home in search of incredibly evil flowers and mechanical goodies to further increase our tech level. We find ourselves entrenched in a snakelike maze of islands, and discuss the merits of pet squirrels.
  6. In this episode we take part in all manner of scientific objects to figure out how much time we have until winter. We upgrade our cooking supplies and start farming bunnies for the future. Later on we'll try not to spoil them with lavish box housing.
  7. In this episode we continue to work at getting our home base set up. We visit some furry friends and gather their excretions for our crops, and make friends with some otherwise disagreeable racks.
  8. Here's the second iteration of the series! Let's go to it!
  9. I've had this one on hold for quite some time, as I had showcased most of the gameplay aspects, but last night I bit the bullet and decided it was time to get another Don't Starve Playthrough running. That being said, I hope you'll all choose to join me as I check out the new things / traps that Maxwell has in store for me, and aid me in my attempt at not starving. It has been a few months since I last uploaded Don't Starve, so I am a tad rusty, however for the purposes of the journey I've chosen to play WX-78 as he's my favorite character. (With regard to his snarky anti-human robot comments.) Hopefully this will be a long running series and I invite you to check the series out, I'll be uploading and updating this thread frequently so if you have any questions,comments, or concerns, by all means throw them into the thread and I'll do my best to answer them in a satisfactory manner. cheers guys!
  10. The final two episodes of our third series! I hope you enjoy them! Episode 5 : Episode 6 :
  11. Episode 3 : (In which we get back on the horse after having gone on a rather sizable field expedition.) Episode 4 : (In which we attempt to become Thor and harness the power of thundericity.)
  12. Episode 25! : New Series! Episode 1 : Episode 2 :
  13. Episode 21 : Episode 22 : Episode 23 : Episode 24 : ( Winter!)
  14. Episode 16 : Episode 17 : Episode 18 :