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  1. I think if there had to be multiplayer, they should do it in a sense where you can only play with one other person, and that's it. There could be a cute little chat system and what not I think it'd be interesting to see how people can get along with one another. Of course there's plenty of drawbacks and dead-weight to this. Like what happens if one person leaves? What happens if one player goes through the teleporter while the other stays? Just a lot of unnecessary work for a feature that a good majority of the community would be totally against. So let's just have the best single player experience we can get!
  2. I was sitting here reading through this thinking this was new then I looked at the date haha.LadyD was so close, KRAMPUS DAMMIT.
  3. [MENTION=9815]SlySpy[/MENTION] I didn't realize this and was the only vote for Wortox..oops.
  4. I always loved the dark feeling the game feels like it casts.
  5. Well I downloaded it and will definitely check it out after I'm done eating.
  6. Sounds good! Are you going to try to change the quotes to match their personality too? and so it's only for Wilson right now?
  7. Congrats! I haven't made it past day 14 myself. haha.
  8. xD yeah that was weird of him..but is it for all the characters? or just Wilson? and it'll be nice to see some different dialogue!
  9. Nice job trying to quote Joe before him haha, but it says it's still a work in progress..how much new content is in at the moment?