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  1. The roads confuse me, I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended to be dirt roads.I'm hoping they change them back, because for me the old roads don't show up on my map and the dirt looking roads show up as black lines.I prefer the pre-winter roads as well and I'm hoping it's just a bug caused by them trying to get the roads to display on the map.Welcome to the forums btw.
  2. [MENTION=2]Bigfoot[/MENTION] Happy to hear you might be unlocking most of the custom sandbox options from the start, this should make the new and casual players happy and keep me from being a rude prick to them when they cry. In all seriousness the game is meant to be challenging and I just don't want the core game to change into something that isn't, so custom sandbox is the perfect solution without having to add the dreaded difficulty sliders. You may have just found the solution to making everyone happy, time will tell, but if you have, you deserve a cookie for accomplishing the impossible. /starts baking cookies
  3. [MENTION=10659]Freckles[/MENTION]Yeah, it doesn't need bait. Just like bird traps don't need it either, bait just seems to speed up the process.Bait if you want to catch something in the next minute, don't bait if you are going to check the traps later.
  4. Hope you get those crazy reading glasses off someday, so you can actually understand what others are implying without reading so much negativity into every post. You hold the developers, and anyone with an opinion you don't agree with, to a standard you yourself don't uphold.
  5. Winter made rabbit traps useful. You can still do your method as well as have rabbits ready to go in traps. The days are much shorter and you don't have a lot of time to get food, and you need to cook it all since all the plant life stops growing. As far as krampus, you still have to kill the rabbits you trap, so you still get naughty points.
  6. I think they should get rid of XP in the full game, let you unlock characters in adventure mode instead, then all the options can be there for custom sandbox from the start for inexperienced players who aren't ready to learn yet. My two cents,
  7. I use the boom for birds, but it doesn't have enough uses to bother with big mobs.I don't need to kite spiders either, not sure why others having a hard time with them. The hotfix should of taken care of the warrior spiders in tier 1 nests, normal spiders or even 1-2 warrior spiders don't need to be kited to kill them with a spear. Just make sure you have full armor, and a pigskin helmet and you should be fine just standing right next to them and spamming the leftmouse button. Spacebar doesn't seem to go as fast as clicking though, so maybe that's the problem?
  8. I spent the entire winter with nothing but a beefalo hat for warmth and didn't freeze. I even ran around a lot with just a top hat when my sanity was going low, and occasionally started a fire.The freezing isn't as severe as you might think, don't let your fear keep you inside your base.
  9. That's what I had to do, I put them just a little bit away from the hole, before I had them right on top of it. I survived the entire winter on just rabbit morsels, with 20+ traps out. That's the only reason I noticed this happening and figured out why.
  10. Nah I thought this too, but here is what is happening on further investigation...When you scare the rabbit near his hole he trips the trap on his way back in. Be careful not to scare the rabbit that's already outside by the trap, when he moves around normally and touches the trap he will be caught.Edit: it is still buggy though since the trap shouldn't be shaking about when there isn't a rabbit inside.
  11. Hard to tell since they have been updating adventure mode, each world is supposed to get tougher, and play differently.
  12. All the little sounds (log armor plunking around, wooden floor steps, ice steps, spider nest and wormhole rumbles... etc."My favorite past time is getting multiple species of critters to fight in one giant battle royal, then I run around and loot after killing the winner/s.I have so many hours in this game and each update makes it a brand new experience. I think I might be a little sad when it's out of beta, but hopefully they make lots of money and the content patches keep on coming.
  13. Yeah, I can see where you are coming from, that tree is slow. I'm just a size matters kind of person. lol
  14. I think we should be able to burn everything, having 1% remaining on armor and weapons makes me not want to bother using them, but I hate leaving them scattered about the world.Combine items to restore their durability and let us burn everything in a fire to trash it if we want.
  15. I'm enjoying the new update, survived my first winter and actually starved for once and almost died because of it, but then I spammed rabbit traps and lived out my days on morsels until the snow went away.I took out the walrus hunting party, but ran away from the Clops, I'll try and deal with him next time. He didn't show up until the last day of winter anyway and was away from my base. I think you can wormhole away from your base when you hear him like the hounds?, but I'll have to test it next time. If anyone knows if you can do this for sure let me know.
  16. I imagine when you approach the edge of the ocean they will randomly jump out at you and smash your face.
  17. Really Pal? As huge and as Deerclops is and the way Kevin described us as being ants to him, I think he should be the toughest mob in the game currently. Each his own though I guess, maybe they will add something even badder down the road.
  18. I agree with what you are saying in terms of game mechanics, but in terms of realism, eating psychedelic mushrooms would make you go temporarily insane. That's all my response was referring too. I'm sure you have seen my other posts on how insanity should scale over time like hound attacks, make it less of a threat to new players and ever increasingly a threat the longer you play. Eating a mushroom imo should be the only way to turn insanity on/off, of course if it was done the way I wanted you would never want to do this late game because you would be doing your best to keep from going crazy anyway and have a hard time becoming sane again.Early game however, a shroom would be nice way of experimenting with it.Edit: As far as the meter goes, I'd rather it not be there anyway, there is already plenty of visual clues as to how insane you are anyway.
  19. I've found the same amount of resources as I did pre-winter patch playing on normal sandbox. Are you playing adventure mode or custom by chance?
  20. Rabbit traps, very useful now. You can survive the entire winter on morsels if you have to.
  21. You should probably shamelessly add a link to your guide when you ask that question. :PI watched your video though, considering how much smaller the treeguard is he really shouldn't win that fight.
  22. Tree guards only appear when you chop down trees, after they do they will stay in the general area they spawned in at.http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Treeguard Shows their spawn chances/when and how many can appear. Hounds make growling/barking noises for a bit before they come, your character will also let you know with a text message asking if you heard that. http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Hound Shows their spawn chances/when and how many can appear.