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  1. Just play the game and die a lot until you learn, or read the wiki, or watch youtube play throughs, or adjust the custom sliders, or use a mod, or be a total wuss and save game cheat. Don't want to do any of those things? Then stfu and wait until the game is finished. It's beta, act accordingly.

  2. Adding map markers has been suggested in the past, in fact, back when I joined in November the Devs were considering the implementation of signposts. You craft the signposts and place them around the island and they also appear on your map.More recently the general idea is that players should be allowed to place a "mark" on their maps and then type a 10-20 character description for the marker. After that whenever you place your cursor over a marker it displays the text you wrote. To delete a marker you RMB click on it.

    I'd like to see those two things combined, so you have to craft your map markers.Craft the signpost, place it and it asks for text input. Then the signposts appear on the map and display the text when you hover your cursor over them.

  3. On my current map there are about 16 ponds located dead center, as you know when you smash pig houses they still spawn in the center of the map.In short: There is a giant pig/mosquito war constantly happening in the center of my world.I never fished that much before because frogs did a good enough job of annoying me, now with the combat nerf frogs are even worse and mosquito just seal the deal.I don't understand how mosquito end up killing all the frogs either, it's a sick world when a frog loses a battle to a flying insect.

  4. Kevin said he was planning on giving them some type of cool down ability correct?I imagine Willow would do something like set all enemies on fire that are near her in an AOE attack.Wolfgang could flex his muscles and scare away enemies.Wilson could convert nearby enemies to fight for him with the power of science.Wendy would be able to summon the Ghost at will and it would no longer do dmg to her. WX-78 could feign death and lose all aggro. Wickerbottom could go "Shhhh!" and put enemies to sleep. Wes: His power would cause him to suicide and die a horrible death, because he's hard mode and shouldn't have an ability.

  5. This is why there should be a location penalty of some type. However, there really is no reason you have to stay in your base during winter. It is completely possible to be nomadic and play without a base in either winter or summer.

    Yeah, for some reason people let their fear of freezing over take them and then say winter is boring.I do all my exploring in the winter, hunt the walrus hunting parties, and gather resources. :)A few good tips are to craft the low tier farming plots and rabbit traps around areas you go a lot, like boulder biomes, fishing spots, tree farms, etc. Plant and forget, then when you are out and need food just harvest them. I put them all over my world for wintertime.

  6. Curious what you guys are doing with all your rocks...I build a 5x5 house with fully upgraded rock walls, 30x berry bushes surrounded by small rockwalls, 5x5 arena w/ fully upgraded rock walls, 2-5 beehives surrounded by small rock walls, and lastly a garden surrounded by small rock walls.After all this I don't even make a dent in the rock supply of the world. There are huge rock biomes now loaded with boulders, and rocks scattered around every wormhole, and even more boulders littered around other biomes.My games go 2-300 days before I get bored and move to another world as well.Why you need so many rocks?