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  1. 1. Use a hammer to clear that used up Meat Effigy on your tooth trap picture. 2. Put some ice box next to Crock Pot. 3. Lay down some turf and roads. 4. Set up pig establishment. 5. Set up silk farm. 6. Get yourself a horn and corral some Beefalos.
  2. Lol my bad I didn't even realize it. There will only be one DS for me. DS beta = Demon Souls .
  3. I hope DS = Dark Souls. That game deserve all the attention and money it should get.
  4. I'm not going to lie... I didn't read every post in thread in detail. Bite me. I'm going to reply anyways.I'm actually new indie scene and I bought this game because I watched Mike B. play it extensively before buying. Let's play offer a different perspective and I enjoy watching them even if I don't own the game. Plus it's hard to cover up glaring issues with the game. I suggest everyone do the same rather than relying on pirating, demos, and reviews.That being said I pirate the crap out games made by companies that deserve it. Especially the ones that had anything to do with SOPA and PIPA. I do not ever plan to buy these games. They don't deserve my money, but I still want to enjoy and absorb the amount of work their employees put into the game. Art is meant to be enjoyed and absorbed after all. I mean its not their fault their bosses are money-hungry scum right?
  5. Go with either. I have survived long on both types. There is not such a big need for gold in the game. Its not like there's an assault rifle shop that only takes gold nuggets as currency in the game. I've only found Chester in the default built because I haven't tried it on test yet, so there is something to consider. I actually like test better because sometime you find a nice fork between all biomes to make base rather than settling for 1 or 2. I always settle next to tallbird nests, but like to be near other resources. The bridges also seem shorter between certain islands in the test built and more round-about. Bridges between island are much longer in default builds.