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  1. hanna's art thread

    Wilson and Wickerbottom after the game events!
  2. hanna's art thread

    he gave her a baby bunny. she forces him to throw a baby shower for it.he never tells her that he ate its mother.made for Digit
  3. hanna's art thread

  4. Underground Puzzle

    i think this may be the punchline from wikipedia: The 1920s was a golden age for stage magic and Charles Carter is an American stage magician at the height of his fame and powers. (…) Carter is followed through his career, from his first encounter with magic to his last performance. (…) A young inventor named Philo Farnsworth has a new invention called television. (…) Finally, in a magic show to end all magic shows, Carter must truly beat the devil if he is to save Farnsworth and his magical invention.
  5. Underground Puzzle

    all y'all assuming that any numbers refer to linksand not to say, coordinates
  6. hanna's art thread

    Quiixotic's OC has her own anime now
  7. hanna's art thread

    background for the fanfiction archive blog i run <333
  8. I found them through deep web searching. These were written by Kevin himself, apparently. (Nice work man. You write good.) I could only find three - the archive only went as far as September - but I am fairly certain that was all there by the time the site got revamped. Wilson's Field Notes - New Tools I am a scientist, not a labourer! I’m used to probing the depths of the universe with the power of my mind, not digging holes and chopping down trees. But I’m also used to having walls and a roof, so I suppose one must make allowances for circumstance. I should be able to put together some simple tools using the twigs and flint that litter the ground here. I may be reduced to living off the sweat of my brow, but at least I don’t have to do so with my bare hands. Wilson's Field Notes - Beefalo I stumbled across a herd of these brutes today while I was hunting rabbits. When the one noticed me I was certain that I was a goner, but it soon lost interest and resumed eating. The Beefalo spend almost all of their time eating. What little time they don’t spend eating they spend performing the other aspect of the digestive process. The stench of a Beefalo herd can not be described with polite language, although the dung is quite useful in small quantities. I’m tired of eating rabbits. Tonight I shall try hunting a Beefalo instead. Their docile nature should make them an excellent food source… Wilson's Field Notes - Meat Effigy I am in an environment much harsher than that to which I am accustomed. Everything here is trying to kill me, or eat me, or… worse. It’s almost as bad as graduate school! If I am to survive this place, I fear I must resort to drastic measures. That’s okay, though, for I am a Scientist, and my Science is nothing if not drastic. I think that if I build a wooden effigy of myself, and fill it full of meat, I can create an insurance policy against violent death. It’s a technique that’s well-known amongst the scientific community. Maybe I should throw in some of my beard hairs as well. It couldn’t hurt!
  9. Evil Wilson? Pic/Gif Request i made one a while ago. you're welcome!
  10. Wilson's journals from the old blog

    You are replying to my thread just to accuse me of stealing work and not actually be helpful at all? =pThey have tumblr accounts. I reblog their art. That is how tumblr works.
  11. Hey guys <3 I'm running this blog and for the sake of completionism, I would love to upload the journals that used to be on the old DS site/blog.I can't find them, though. Anywhere. I was hoping someone here has them archived and can lend a hand. Maybe the mod who wrote the things? They were quite amusing.
  12. hanna's art thread

    dapper wilson for a friend's fashion blogyes there is such a thing as a wilson fashion blog now
  13. hanna's art thread

    i will think about it!
  14. hanna's art thread

    why are you driving so safely?cant you see my pot is getting cold?
  15. hanna's art thread

    i have no idea how acceptable this one is. gabby talked me into uploading this here oh god haha