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  1. Save File Editor

    Duplicity is the program name for this editor... Have you not used it?
  2. Save File Editor

    That is already possible with duplicity. You can change all stats for duplicates and their affinities.
  3. Save File Editor

    @RoboPhred , the Rocketry Upgrade is now live and is not compatible. I'm just curious if you're planning on updating Duplicity to support it? I find this tool critical when starting a new game.
  4. That's what the carbon skimmer and water sieve are for.
  5. In the current version of the game, my metal refineries do not work. Duplicants can not operate them and they have missing graphics for the outputs. Here is a screenshot of the missing graphics:
  6. When an automated door closes, it's supposed to push out the items within the door. This works when placing tiles and closing vertical mechanized doors; however, when the door is placed in a horizontal fashion next to a wall, the door does not push the items within it. Instead, the door will push an item to the one cell and trap the item within the door when it should instead be pushed two spaces to the left. I've added four images to show how the door behaves and what is expected. Here an egg is on the far left of a door when the door is open. The door closes and the egg is pushed 2 tiles to the right (as expected). Here an egg is placed to the far right of the door: Instead of being pushed two tiles right and out of the doorway, the egg gets trapped inside of the door and only moved 1 tile. I had to open the door back up to show the new position of the egg as with the door closed, you can't see or click the egg. Paradise.sav
  7. Morbs not falling down to open doors

    Works fine for me with vertical doors.
  8. Sure, I added them. It seems to happen on and off.
  9. On the patch just released today, my radiant pipes now all have broken animations when pumping oxygen out. Here is a screenshot of the pipes sticking out from behind wheezeworts and thermal shifts: Test Colony Cycle 174.sav output_log.txt
  10. When a hatchling is forced to move through an open door, it freezes within the open door and does not pass through it. In an attempt to build a meat factory via drowning, I noticed hatchlings, unlike hatches, will not move through open doors when forced to despite their navigation line showing that they intend to move forward. It should also be noted that the hatchling'ses animation freezes with the hatchling mid air. Here is my example photo: